'Bachelor' Spoilers: Reality Steve Suggests Colton Underwood Is Treating 'Bachelor' Fans As 'Idiots'

Bachelor fans that want to know all the juicy details of the franchise know to tune in to Reality Steve's podcast or to check his website. In his newest post today, Steve suggested that Colton Underwood is treating his fans as "idiots."

The claim comes after the Bachelor star tweeted, "[w]hat if I told you I might jump the fence in Vietnam?" Reality Steve promptly responded, "[y]ou don't." This caused confusion among fans, however, and for Steve, it was a ploy to "get people to tune in."

The clip of Colton storming off and jumping a fence has been used in trailers since the beginning of the season. However, Steve has repeated himself time and time again that it's common for the show to tease something that isn't what it seems.

And it's not just Reality Steve that's complaining about Colton's tweet, as his fans sounded off in the comments.

One fan noted, "I just feel like you're trolling me at this point dude," which received over 3,900 likes and 95 retweets. Someone else added, "theory: he never jumps the fence, they filmed it strictly for promotional purposes."

Some eagle-eyed fans also said, "[w]e'd know that's a lie because you're wearing a scarf, and Vietnam doesn't usually lend itself to being scarf weather."

This is hardly the first time that Colton has teased his fans with a post. Previously on Instagram, he shared a photo of himself at a basketball game while posing next to a giant pregnant girl emoji. That was posted on November 27, which got fans speculating about whether he proposed and got the girl pregnant already.

The speculation didn't appear to bother Colton at all, and in fact seemed to inspire a second post of himself at a ski resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This post showed Colton standing next to a giant pregnant girl emoji as he leaned down and appeared to be looking at her stomach while smiling widely.

The second post stirred up a ton of conversation among fans, with many wondering if it was Cassie or Caelynn. Others, who hadn't been plugged in as much, were left confused asking, "[w]ait! Hold the phone?!!!! What have I missed?!?!?!?!"

Previously, Underwood noted to Entertainment Weekly that he's hoping the girls would be straightforward, suggesting that "if you make a mistake or mess up, own it." He also added that he'd hope the girls would be ok with being "awkward" and "goofy," too.