President Trump, GOP Latch Onto New Slogan 'Stronger Together,' But Hillary Clinton Used It First

President Donald Trump was in El Paso, Texas, Monday night leading one of his rallies -- and there was one phrase in particular that he used a number of times over the course of the evening. Now, that phrase is generating a lot of buzz. The challenge with the phrase that Trump -- and now the Republican party -- has embraced is that it echoes a phrase that Hillary Clinton used as a cornerstone of her 2016 campaign.

Huffington Post shares the clip showing President Donald Trump talking about how "We're only getting stronger together" during his Texas rally. Monday evening, the GOP Twitter account posted a photo showing Trump alongside the "Stronger Together" line that he used.

It didn't take long for Clinton supporters to note that Hillary's 2016 campaign had focused heavily on the idea of "Stronger Together." In fact, notes CNN, the Democratic nominee's campaign team had tested out 84 different potential slogans before deciding to utilize "Stronger Together."

Not only did Clinton's campaign focus on the "Stronger Together" message, but Hillary and her running mate -- Tim Kaine -- wrote a book together, using that slogan as the title.

Tuesday morning, Clinton retweeted the original GOP post. She added a note via her Twitter page, writing that the Republicans should now copy her voting rights, tax, and health care proposals. Hillary linked to her campaign website, and the post had attracted about 30,000 likes in just a few hours.

At this point, it isn't really clear whether Trump or the GOP had realized that the phrase had been utilized by the Clinton campaign before they latched onto it this week. It seems fairly likely that it was done unintentionally, but now it looks as if the GOP is doubling down on the move.

Shortly after Clinton posted her tweet, the GOP Twitter account shared it and added a note of their own. So far, the GOP post has only received about 1,400 likes and 430 retweets, along with about 540 comments. By the looks of the Twitter comments, the GOP may not be coming out on top in this particular social media battle.

As buzz escalated about this slogan crossover on Tuesday, RNC spokesman Steve Guest shared his viewpoint with Fox News.
"When you lose your campaign, you lose your monopoly on any slogans. As we saw at his packed rally, President Trump continues to unite the American people behind his pro-border security agenda."
Will Trump and the GOP go all-out in embracing the "Stronger Together" phrase, even though it's been noted that Hillary Clinton used it first? So far, it looks as if that's the plan, and many will be curious to see where this battle heads next.