Joanna Gaines Gives Inside Look At Life With Five Kids

Being the co-star of Fixer Upper, co-founder of the Magnolia brand, keeping her marriage strong, raising four children, and now tending to a new baby, to say Joanna Gaines life is busy is an understatement.

In an interview with Southern Living, Gaines reveals the inner workings of how she balances home life and her businesses. One thing that is central for Gaines is her family, and it takes precedence over everything else.

"Motherhood means everything to me. Everything else in my life can go away, but that's my thing. That's what wakes me up. It's my heart - these kids," she told the interviewer.

She related that she constantly obsesses over whether she's relaying to her children that she loves them and looks for little ways to demonstrate her love. Even something like making a quick cup of hot chocolate is considered important in her world.

Gaines admits that having four children before was "a whirlwind" and the birth of her son Crew eight months ago has brought new challenges unique to a newborn.

But she relates that having older children gave her the tools and experience to start off better with Crew. In particular, she's started keeping a journal of her experiences with Crew and "regrets" she didn't do it with her other children.

"It was such a crazy time. Now it's the little moments that keep me in my tracks, because that's what life is all about," she says about her day-to-day with Crew.

She hopes to use her own experiences as a mother and business owner to motivate other women to stand strong during hard times and not let others on social media discourage them.

"Comparison is the worst thing in the world. Contentment is the goal and greatest gift in life," she explained.

One way she's hoping to reach out to parents and their children is through the publication of the children's book We Are The Gardners. The book tells the tale of her family raising a garden and reveals the magical effect Gaines believes gardens have on families.

"You can find healing and learning and so many other gifts in having a garden. I'd spend a day pulling weeds, and the children would come out and help. Soon, they started loving it too. Nurturing plants together does something, and it was a simple way to connect with my kids - and I think that's the reason for this book."
The interview gives an incredible insight into a supermom who runs a successful business, stars in her own television show, and is a loving mother to five children.