'Andi Mack' Makes Disney Channel History With First Character To Reveal: 'I'm Gay'

Andi Mack is one of the most popular television shows that The Disney Channel has ever had, and it will likely live on for many years to come. On the hit series, Joshua Rush plays the character of Cyrus -- and he has made history this past week by doing something that no one ever has before on The Disney Channel. Last week, Cyrus stood before everyone in the world and became the first character on the channel to state, "I'm gay."

Not only was Cyrus Goodman the first-ever character on The Disney Channel to say those words, but he's also the first portrayal of a gay character on the network as well.

Good Morning America reported that Rush has been overly proud of the role he's taken on Andi Mack. He's enjoyed playing this role since the series made its debut in 2017, and the 14-year-old actor is having the time of his life.

"Taking on the role of Cyrus has been one of the most fun things I've ever done in my life. Being Jewish, being 14, going to middle school, having this small, close-knit group of friends, and being gay are all just parts of his personality."

Saying those two words on The Disney Channel is a huge step, and it's one that has generated a lot of social media and news coverage.

Rush may only be 14-years-old, but he knows that in today's day and age, the internet brings about all sorts of reactions in a short period of time. The young actor was asked about the reaction he's received since his character revealed that he's gay, and he's actually been more concerned with how it has affected the fans of Andi Mack.
"Overwhelmingly positive over the last few days I've really gotten to see the myriad of ways that both this new coming-out scene for Cyrus, and this Jewish representation of his family, has affected the fans."
In the scene that aired on last week's episode, Cyrus and his friends are together at his grandmother's Shiva. As they are mourning in true Jewish tradition and fashion, Cyrus finally finds the moment to let his friends know that he's gay.

While Andi and Buffy -- two of Cyrus' friends -- already knew about his sexuality, he had not yet come out to his friend Jonah. This also marked the first time that Cyrus actually said "I'm gay" on the show.

Andi Mack has generated a huge audience of all ages as the series continues to delve into the world of teens and what they go through. Joshua Rush plays a very popular character in Cyrus Goodman, and he's certainly broken numerous barriers by saying "I'm gay" -- confirming what was already known.