Spoilers For Tuesday's 'General Hospital': Laura Visits Franco, Liz Defends Her Man, And Nina Shares Big News

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's episode reveal that there is plenty of action related to Franco on the way. Scott and Elizabeth are standing by his side, and both Ava and Jordan have quietly admitted they aren't necessarily convinced that he's responsible for all of the chaos in town. However, he's going to be behind bars for now and facing some intense conversations.

The sneak peek for Tuesday's episode shared via Twitter shows that Laura will visit Franco at the PCPD to confront him. She looks determined and angry in the preview clip as she tells him she'll make sure something never happens again. It seems likely that she'll be threatening that he'll never harm anyone again or something of that nature because she understandably believes fully in what Lulu thinks happened the night she was harmed.

Elizabeth is certain that Franco isn't guilty, but even Cameron will push back against her proclamations. General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps hint that Cam will find himself in trouble again. It looks like he may end up in a fight of sorts, perhaps defending his family as word spreads of Franco's arrest.

Cameron is known to push back against his mom and he's about to do it again. Liz will likely chastise Cam for this new round of trouble, reminding him that he's got to keep his nose out of trouble or face consequences from the judge. However, he's got some things on his mind, and this conversation will get heated.

While Cam isn't convinced of Franco's innocence, it looks as if Drew is coming down on the side of supporting the investigation's prime suspect. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Drew will approach Jordan and share his thoughts, telling her that there's no way Franco did what she suspects.

Of course, Drew never experienced the bad Franco days personally. However, he does have other experiences with Franco from their young days that have helped them reconnect, and it seems he'll feel confident that Franco is innocent.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Spencer will be popping up again and he'll be chatting with Sonny. General Hospital spoilers note that Sonny will encourage Spencer to come clean to Laura, and this is surely about the election tampering. Spencer will probably hesitate to do that, but he may end up following Sonny's advice.

Sasha will have a talk with Obrecht, and it looks like this will be a rather unsettling one for Nina's "daughter." Viewers know that Liesl will only be able to keep the secret she has about Sasha for so long, and people can't wait to see how she exposes what she knows.

Tuesday's show also brings an exciting announcement from Nina as she tells Maxie, Peter, Sasha, and Obrecht that she's marrying Valentin again. Maxie will seemingly feel a little anxious about this development, but she'll surely want to try to support her friend as best she can.

General Hospital spoilers have hinted that there will be some truly romantic moments coming up this week with Valentine's Day approaching. However, things are still quite intense as Franco scrambles to prove his innocence and Ryan contemplates what to do next. It's going to be wild over the course of the next few shows and fans won't want to miss any of the action ahead.