Nina Dobrev Does Sexy Twirl In Stunning Grammy's Gown

Nina Dobrev rocked the red carpet at the Grammys on Sunday night, and has been slowly uploading different angles of her stunning gown as the days go by. In the latest snap, the Vampire Diaries alum gave the camera a sexy twirl as she showed off all sides of her blush-colored garb.

For the slow motion video, the Fam actress cracked a joke in the post saying that she was checking to see if she remembered to put on deodorant. She lifted her arm mid-spin while tossing the layers of her dress up in the air as she moved.

The lovely Christian Dior number showed off Dobrev's curves flawlessly. Her ample cleavage was on full display in the dress, and her toned arms and trim physique looked great in the gown. Dobrev wore her dark hair in a loose bun, one which she tied back with a Christian Dior wrap-style headband. A large diamond hair pin capped the ensemble off with a bit of sparkle.

Dobrev wore several Harry Winston accessories, including large flower-shaped diamond earrings and a handful of stackable rings in various sizes and textures. She carried a shiny black clutch for the occasion, and wore glamorous makeup to accentuate her picturesque features.

Dobrev took the time to share several behind the scenes snaps from her night out. In one shot, she showed herself getting ready as she sat in a chair with her name splayed across the back, revealing her hair and makeup looks for the evening. She also showed off a gigantic bento box filled with delicious-looking sushi, and joked that she was carb loading for the event.

The actress also shared her pre-event routine -- one that included an interesting looking facial with a blue light pen, which Dobrev captured by looking comically horrified as the esthetician worked her magic. She also took the time to snuggle up with her beloved dog, Maverick, who looked adoringly at the actress as she got ready for the fun evening.

As the night went on, the actress took selfies with other famous names who were also in attendance, such as the Backstreet Boys and Julian Edelman -- the latter fresh off of his Super Bowl win with the Patriots. Dobrev also showed off fruity looking drinks in a fishbowl, and did a sultry shimmy as she held two drinks in her hands, taking little sips from both cups.

Dobrev capped the series of snaps in her Instagram Story off with a photo of herself in last night's hair and makeup, rocking a comfy looking flannel shirt all the while. The actress held her hand up to her head, and cracked a joke about having had too much fun the night before.