Donald Trump's Agenda Is 'White Supremacy, Pure & Simple', Says Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe

Donald Trump's real agenda is "white supremacy, pure & simple," claims Harvard professor Laurence Tribe, an outspoken critic of the president. Specifically, as Law And Crime reports, Tribe believes that Trump wants to keep Latin Americans out of the United States.

Tribe made his conclusion in a tweet on Sunday, in which he made in response to a tweet of Trump's. At the time, Trump had taken to Twitter, as he often does, to push once again for a border wall -- citing a recent poll that he claims supports his position.

"Gallup Poll: 'Open Borders will potentially attract 42 million Latin Americans.' This would be a disaster for the U.S. We need the Wall now!"
Tribe saw the tweet as a "rare moment of clarity," pointing to how directly and succinctly Trump appeared to sum up his thoughts about Latin Americans. In his own Twitter message, the Harvard professor pointed out his belief that this Trump tweet reveals the president's true intentions.
"OMG. As @chrislhayes says, this rare moment of clarity reveals Trump's real agenda: KEEP LATIN AMERICANS OUT OF THE U.S. It's White Supremacy pure & simple."
The "@chrislhayes" that Tribe had tagged in his tweet is MSNBC's Chris Hayes, who on his Monday show said almost the exact thing as Tribe had -- that Trump's tweet clearly and unambiguously shows that Trump's real agenda with pushing for a border wall isn't about drugs or criminals, but about keeping out Latin Americans.
However, Law And Crime writer Ronn Blitzer opines that Tribe can't possibly know the president's true motivations just by looking at pixels on a screen, especially without their proper context. For example, as Blitzer suggests, Trump may very well have been alarmed at the possibility of 42 million people -- well over 10 percent of the current population of the United States -- coming into the country without using the proper immigration channels. Further, Blitzer notes that Trump, and Tribe, were both referencing a public opinion poll, not actual facts about immigration.

Tribe is not the first pundit to mention Donald Trump and white supremacy in the same sentence. Many critics on the political left have claimed that Trump is -- if not a white supremacist himself -- an enabler of racists and of white supremacists. For example -- as USA Today writer Ellis Cose opined in August of 2018 -- Trump has, at the very least, inflamed racial tensions. Cose cited examples such as his "very fine people on both sides" remark after the murder of a counter protester by a white supremacist at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.