WWE News: Dean Ambrose Went Off The Script On 'Monday Night Raw'

By now, wrestling fans of the world know that Dean Ambrose is leaving WWE in April as he's chosen not to re-sign once his current contract expires. Many people still think that it could be a work and all part of a storyline, but it's difficult to know what the truth actually is. Especially when the "Lunatic Fringe" does things like going off-script as he did during his in-ring promo with Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw.

Despite the fact that WWE publicly announced that Ambrose would be leaving the company in April, he's still been on TV each week. It appears as if there is going to be no attempt at taking him out of the picture until his contract actually expires after WrestleMania 35.

Things have been quite strange with this whole situation, and it was made even weirder last night on Raw.

Months ago, Dean Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins to complete his heel turn, but that was all flip-flopped on this week's Raw. Rollins delivered a promo last night and went back and forth with Paul Heyman over the WrestleMania 35 match for the WWE Universal Championship.

After that was over, Ambrose walked down to the ring for his match against Ethan Carter III, but not before he had something to say to his former brother in The Shield. Many expected some harsh words or even a brawl, but that was not what happened at all.

Dean Ambrose on

Ambrose stood in front of Rollins and he delivered just a few short words in the truest of non-heel fashions.

"I've only got one thing to say to you - Slay the Beast!"
Some fans popped for the words of support. Others stood there and looked confused just as Seth Rollins did. Ambrose hopped out of the ring and sat in a chair at ringside to await the start of his match against EC3.

It appears as if things should have been similar but go on longer during that interaction. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., Ambrose was supposed to say a lot more but he went off-script and kept it incredibly to the point.

Ambrose was scheduled to talk about their past in The Shield and working with Roman Reigns and those kinds of things before giving his order to "slay the beast." For some reason, Ambrose felt it more appropriate to just give his command to Seth Rollins and leave it at that.

A lot of people are wondering if Dean Ambrose is really leaving WWE when his contract expires in April or if it is part of a storyline. No one may truly know until that time arrives, but he's staying involved in angles on Monday Night Raw even if he does decide to go off-script and take matters into his own hands.