DJ Khaled Shows Off 43-Pound Weight Loss On Weight Watchers: 'They Call Me Slim Jim'

Not only is DJ Khaled looking good, but he's also feeling good.

The 43-year-old has been sharing his weight-loss journey with fans on social media for quite some time and his hard work is definitely paying off. Earlier today, the rapper shared an Instagram post with before and after images as well as a video of himself explaining how proud he is of finally reaching his goal weight. The caption of the post details how far he's come in his weight-loss journey and serves as an inspiration to anyone who is also struggling with weight loss.

"A year ago I told y'all it's coming OFF! I started at 293 lbs and now I'm OFFICIALLY 250 lbs!! They CALL ME SLIM JIM!! Thank you @ww for changing my life!! And i ain't stopping," he wrote. "We gon keep winning with the Freestyle Program!! I promise you!! It's coming OFF! Join me and win with me on @WW. The new Weight Watchers."

To end the post, Khaled says that he is not "racing" or "speeding" but rather "cruising" through his weight-loss journey. He also directs fans to the Weight Watchers Instagram page while pointing out that people can expect to lose about 1-2 pounds a week if they follow the new freestyle program.

In just a short time of the post going live, Khaled's video has already received a ton of attention from his 13 million-plus followers with over 40,000 views in addition to 400-plus comments. Many fans took to the post to gush over how amazing the DJ looks while countless others confessed that they were going to join Weight Watchers and hope for similar results.

Khaled also recently sat down with People to share more about his weight-loss journey. In the interview, he says that he has been celebrating reaching his "winner weight" and called the ride so far "amazing." Khaled started the journey that was supposed to last for a year last year but due to the success so far, he decided to recommit himself and start fresh again in 2019.

"When I recommitted I was being honest with myself because I was on the road so much touring that it was difficult for me, with the hours I was up and the different cities I was traveling to and not having access to the foods that I wanted to eat," he shared.

He said that when he was touring, he used to eat a bag of chips just because it was there and it was easy. But in the long run, touring was good for him because he ended up learning how to eat right while on tour and how to maneuver the diet. He also shared his secrets to weight loss, saying that he usually eats few points for breakfast and lunch and he tries to save most of his points for dinner.

Now that sounds like dedication.