Reality Steve Teases 'Bachelor' Spoilers & Updates, Are Colton Underwood & His Final Pick Still Together?

Fans are going crazy after Monday night's episode of The Bachelor. Spoilers have been teasing that it's going to be a truly wild roller-coaster ride to the end, and the extensive preview shown at the end of the February 11 show raised more questions than it answered. The sneak peek hints at chaos and turmoil for Colton Underwood, but gossip guru Reality Steve insists that Colton and his final pick are still together.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier, viewers had a lot of questions after Monday night's episode and sneak peek aired. Some parts of the lengthy sneak peek raised new questions, while other moments seemed to sync with spoilers Reality Steve has previously shared.

Whether people have followed the existing teasers or not, the clip left almost everybody wondering where things stand for Colton and his chosen lady now. Despite what is hyped to be an unconventional and wild ending, Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Underwood and his pick are still a couple.

The Bachelor spoilers detailed by the Inquisitr heading into Colton's season have indicated that there is no proposal for Underwood. Reality Steve has said that Colton chooses Cassie Randolph over Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams at the stage of the overnight dates. Unfortunately, Randolph seemingly panics over the idea of getting engaged, and bolts.

Reality Steve's spoilers detail that based on the information he's gathered, there will not be a traditional, romantic final rose ceremony and proposal as a result of this chaos. However, he details that Colton and Cassie reconnect back in the United States, ABC cameras in tow, and agree to date. Supposedly, the two are still dating, but they are not engaged. This is consistent with the Bachelor spoilers the gossip king has been sharing for the past couple of months.

In his latest blog post, Reality Steve says he is confident his spoiler is correct -- and that nothing has changed with Underwood and Randolph since he released this ending.

"Colton and Cassie are not engaged. They are together, but not engaged. How it all plays out and how we get to that point, there are just certain pieces I don't have... The spoiler hasn't changed just because of what was shown last night. He ended up with Cassie and they didn't get engaged."
Colton teased via Twitter after this wild preview aired that people think they have everything figured out, but that ultimately, they don't. A fair number of Bachelor fans would love it if Reality Steve's spoilers turned out to be wrong this spring, but so far, he stands by the details he's laid out.
Questions certainly remain about Colton Underwood's finale, especially after the latest preview. Reality Steve's spoilers have laid out the supposed basics, but there are definitely a few tidbits that remain unknown. Even if it's a wild ride to the finish line, fans will hopefully feel somewhat reassured that Colton and his apparent final pick Cassie are still together and doing well.

Could Underwood and Randolph end up engaged at some point soon after all of this chaos? The Bachelor fans won't know the answer to that for a while, but they're definitely hoping for the best.