Rioting Travis Scott Fans Hit With Pepper Balls Following Canceled Tulsa Concert

On Monday evening, rapper Travis Scott was scheduled to perform a sold-out concert on his AstroWorld tour at the Bank of Oklahoma Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but postponed the show just hours beforehand due to "technical difficulties." Many fans had already arrived at the venue, waiting to be let in when they received the news. A riot quickly broke out, causing Tulsa police to emerge from the venue shooting pepper balls in an attempt to disperse the angry crowd, according to Pitchfork.

The concert had been scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. EST. Scott took to his social media accounts at 5:30 p.m. that evening to announce the postponement, citing "last minute production issues" and providing a rescheduled date of March 26. The message also appeared on the Bank of Oklahoma Center's social media.

A crowd of concertgoers had already arrived on the scene and reportedly demanded to be let into the venue. As one fan later recalled, the concertgoers began pounding on the doors and throwing guard rails while chanting "Let us in." One door reportedly shattered and opened, causing the crowd to rush the entrance and create more chaos.

Tulsa police emerged from the Bank of Oklahoma Center shortly after the riot began, shooting pepper balls into the crowd and directly spraying rowdy fans by the door with pepper spray. This continued for several hours, as most concertgoers refused to leave.

"They amped it up just a little bit by throwing stuff at the building and attempting to get into the building so we had to use pepper balls in order to assist the dispersement of the crowd," Sgt. Jeremy Noland told Tulsa's Channel 8 News.

Footage and firsthand accounts of the incident later appeared on social media, along with disappointed messages from fans.

In one video on Twitter, screams emerge from the crowd as someone throws a water bottle at the door, causing a large crack. The word "Postponed" flashes on a screen above the entrance.

Another video shows a fan arguing with an officer just outside of the entrance as several other fans rush to get to the open door. Finally, fans can be seen running away as clouds of pepper fill the walkway.

One fan told ABC13 that many fans were so angry because they had driven for several hours or flew in from out of state to see the show in Tulsa. In addition, fans paid upwards of $500 in tickets, transportation, and hotel costs combined to be there.

Others found humor in the situation. One person wrote on Twitter that "starting a baby riot at the BOK over Travis Scott is so south Tulsa."

Scott is scheduled to perform at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, on Wednesday night. As of now, tickets for the show are still available.