'The Bachelor' Spoiler Preview Teases Juicy Shockers, Reality Steve Tries To Rein In Expectations

At the end of Monday's Bachelor episode, viewers got a sneak peek filled with spoilers about the rest of the season. There were definitely some juicy tidbits packed into this extensive clip and it didn't take long for spoiled fans to wonder if gossip king Reality Steve has missed the mark in some of what he's shared. He took to Twitter to clarify some details, but fans are buzzing over this one.

Rather than get a preview for Episode 7 at the end of the February 11 show, viewers got an expanded teaser that takes them to the end of the season. The heavily-hyped fence jump by Colton Underwood is still to come, but viewers have known about that dramatic move since Underwood's Bachelor journey started airing.

There were some new shockers teased in the sneak peek that was posted to the show's Twitter page after the show, though. Colton will shed a lot of tears, as will the ladies. There is a lot of talk from Underwood about being left heartbroken and not wanting to be anybody's backup plan, and based on other spoilers, that definitely foreshadows some of what's to come.

At some point, people will see Tayshia Adams and Colton skydiving and she will tell him she's falling in love with him. Hannah Brown will get to meet Colton's parents and Hannah Godwin will also say she's in love with Underwood. At one point, Underwood seemingly tells Caelynn Miller-Keyes that he's falling in love with her.

Colton seems to make a remark about heading into the fantasy suites with someone he's madly in love with and those paying very close attention can pick up on some tricky editing moves within this segment. Underwood definitely has numerous romantic moments with his remaining ladies still on the way, but they won't play out quite the way the preview suggests.

One quick glimpse that definitely has fans buzzing is a moment where it appears that Cassie Randolph is in a limo after an elimination. Another big one is toward the end of the clip when Colton seems to be standing at his final rose ceremony spot, holding a ring box, talking about how he's never loved anybody as much as he loves "her."

Underwood says that he's excited and he's nervous, since this day is the biggest day of his life as he seems to tease that he's getting down on one knee and asking someone to be his wife. However, given gossip guru Reality Steve's spoilers, this particular scene seems out of sync with what supposedly happens.

Additional Bachelor spoilers pinning some of these teasers down will emerge in the coming weeks. However, some tidbits can be nailed down now. Hannah meeting Colton's parents would seemingly happen during Episode 7 when she spends time with Underwood in Denver, where he currently lives. As the Inquisitr has detailed, Hannah gets a one-on-one but also gets eliminated during that date, according to Reality Steve.

It seems likely that Tayshia's skydiving happens during her fantasy suite date. As for those heartfelt moments with Caelynn and Colton, Bachelor spoilers would suggest those perhaps come during her one-on-one in Denver or her hometown date the following week.

What about that tearful moment with Cassie? If Reality Steve's spoilers are right, that happens after her fantasy suite date with Colton, when Randolph reportedly quits the show after getting cold feet regarding a proposal.

As the big sneak peek aired Monday night, Reality Steve posted a tweet to reiterate that nothing in his Bachelor spoilers have changed, regardless of how crazy the preview was. The shot showing Colton with the ring box has been seriously messing with people's minds already, and Reality Steve shared a screenshot to Twitter to show that the ring box is empty.

Did the producers film this part later on or even before things went haywire toward the end of Underwood's season? That much isn't known quite yet, but Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers have said there is no final rose ceremony and no proposal.

Despite what the preview clip is leading people to believe, the gossip master is standing by his spoilers and that will surely keep fans guessing for the next few weeks. Could Reality Steve's spoilers be wrong? It's possible, but Colton Underwood and essentially everybody else with the show has teased that this truly will be the craziest ending ever, and that definitely syncs with Reality Steve's teasers.

Stay tuned for more Bachelor spoilers as the end of the season approaches and buckle up for a wild ride during these remaining episodes.