No President Has Ever Worked Harder: Was Trump Tweet In Response To 'Morning Joe' Segment?

As Inquisitr reported, Donald Trump recently incurred the wrath of Twitter following the bold statement he tweeted early Monday in which he declared, "No president ever worked harder than me!" Nation-building Founding Fathers and wartime commanders in chief notwithstanding, the statement seemed to stem from a recent leak of Trump's schedule, which includes hours of unstructured "executive time" each day, drawing criticism that the president is maintaining a less rigorous schedule than his predecessors.

However it's possible that The Daily Beast has narrowed down the source of Trump's ire even further, citing a specific segment of MSNBC'sMorning Joe during which the leaked schedule details were bluntly mocked by hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. Trump has tangled with the two television personalities before, including dubbing Brzezinski "low I.Q. Crazy Mika."

"We've seen one person after another saying he often just hunkers down upstairs in the personal quarters, he spends of majority of his time watching cable news, tweeting, yelling, staring at TV sets like an old man in a retirement home instead of a President of the United States who is supposed to be working 24 hours a day," Scarborough derided, as co-host Brzezinski characterized Trump's day as full of playtime.

Trump would hit "send" on his tweet just minutes later.

In subsequent tweets, the president continued to fire back at allegations that he was operating on a less-than-demanding schedule, insisting that so-called executive time should "generally" be considered work, not relaxation. As for time spent on the clock in a given day, Trump went on to posit that he probably puts in more hours than "almost any past President."

He then followed up by touting a recently-published 52 percent approval rating as calculated by Rasmussen, who surveyed likely voters.

Approval ratings aside, critics piled on, both keyboard pundits on platforms like Twitter as well at political opponents in Congress.

Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell of California chimed in with a tweet indicating that "No president has worked harder to obstruct justice. Nixon comes close." Swalwell's words may carry more weight than some due to his seats on the House Judiciary and Intel committees, both of which are currently engaged in multiple investigations pertaining to Trump and Trump associates.

The White House, meanwhile, is reportedly engaged in an aggressive effort to identify the leaker of the private scheduling information, with former presidential staffers reporting that compiling such information under the radar would have been a challenging task.