Todd Helton Apologizes For DUI, Vows To Get Help

Todd Helton has apologized for his recent DUI, calling the drunken driving arrest a “monumental mistake” and vowing to get help for his alcohol problems.

The Colorado Rockies first baseman was arrested February 6 on charges of DUI and careless driving. As training camp started on Sunday, the player tearfully addressed reporters and asked for forgiveness.

“Obviously the last place I want to be on the first day of spring training is here talking about a mistake I made,” Helton told The Associated Press. “Last week I got behind the wheel of my truck after I had drank. All I can do now is apologize and ask for forgiveness. I spoke to my teammates today and they were very supportive.

“I’m very grateful to my wife, my family, my teammates and the Colorado Rockies organization for their support. I am determined to learn from my mistakes, and I’ve gotten help.”

Rockies manager Walt Weiss said that Todd Helton‘s apology shows that the player is ready to own up to his mistake, adding that Helton has earned quite a bit of goodwill and respect with the team and the Denver community.

It was in the Denver suburb of Thornton that Helton arrested in the early morning hours of February 6. TMZ reported that police caught up with Helton coming out of a convenience store after he had just bought lottery tickets. Helton allegedly smelled of booze.

He faces a court hearing in May for his charges.

After Todd Helton apologized, he met with fans and signed a handful of autographs.