Olivia Culpo Shares Photo On Instagram During New York Fashion Week

Gabe Ginsberg Getty Images

Olivia Culpo has been busy on Instagram within the last few days. The actress and model, 26, snapped another photo on her page on Monday, this time in a more couture setting. She was photographed beaming while walking the streets of New York City. Her caption expressed her enthusiasm for being in the city that never sleeps.

“Helloooooo New York!!!! Let’s do this thangggg #NYFW,” she wrote.

Culpo was wearing a purple dress and black thigh-high boots and was on her way to an Alice and Olivia show for the brand’s 2019 fall collection. The post was shared with Culpo’s 3.7 million followers and received 13, 426 likes, according to her Instagram. Culpo’s followers praised the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model seconds after the post.

“Omg purple has NEVER looked so good,” one fan said.

“Look at how happy you are!!! Yes love that!” another exclaimed.

Culpo has also been seen with her good friend, Daria Valles, who photographed Culpo bent over at the gym with a sports bra and leggings. The Inquisitr previously reported that she has also been seen with her casual boyfriend, Danny Amendola, having lunch in the WeHo neighborhood. Her Instagram stories also show up-to-date footage of her attending the Alice and Olivia show.

While Culpo has been in the fashion industry as a model since winning Miss Universe in 2012, she announced her new venture into the design world in January. She joined forces with Express to create a capsule collection called GRL PWR. The theme of the collection is female empowerment and Culpo explained to Forbes that she thought the fashion house was the perfect fit for her to empower women through fashion.

“Girl Power is the running theme of this collection. In this day and age it’s so important for us women to bond together and help build each other up to be the best that we can be,” she told the magazine. “I love seeing women helping other women and that is really the key to success. Success is not singular and its a team effort! I have two sisters and I’m very close with my mom. The four of us have such a tight-knit bond that the message of Girl Power really stuck close to me while designing these pieces.”

For the collection, Culpo models each look to advertise to her following. The entire collection is now on Express’ website and includes lace-up jackets, jumpsuits, tube dresses, and v-neck tops.

Culpo’s fans can stay updated with her fashion week events via her Instagram feed and stories.