‘Playboy’ Playmate Sara Underwood Puts Her Booty On Display In Thong Bikini On Instagram

Vince BucciGetty Images

Sara Underwood is well-known for sharing sultry photos in idyllic locations. Keeping with tradition, the Playboy Playmate took to the popular social media platform on Monday to share two sexy snapshots of herself donning different bikinis as she poses in gorgeous Oregon scenery.

In the first photo she shared, Underwood is rocking a yellow bikini with a thong that puts her booty on full display. The 34-year-old model has her back to the camera, so only the back string of her bikini top is visible. Underwood is knee-deep into the river, with a gorgeous scenery of tall, thick trees towering around her. The mossy green of the photo contrasts beautifully with the brightness of her hair and bikini.

In the second photo, Underwood is again standing in a river, but this time there is a waterfall in the background. The model is wearing a printed pink and purple two-piece bikini as she strikes a similar pose with one leg propped forward in a way that accentuates her curves. The model has her hands up as her hair swishes back, as if she had just flapped it.

In both photos, Underwood has her hair down and straight, reaching just below her shoulder line.

The photos are a reference to a post she shared last week, in which she wrote that she loves when the stream is her trail. In today’s post, she wrote in the caption that these two photos are her favorite ones of that theme. The geotag shows both photos were taken in Oregon, and she suggests in the caption that the specific location is the Oneonta Gorge.


The post, which Underwood shared with her 9.2 million Instagram followers, racked up more than 55,000 likes and more than 360 comments in just a few hours. Users of the social media platform and fans of the model took to the comments section to praise the model, but also to address the fact that the trail to the Oneonta Falls might still be blocked off following the 2017 fire that caused landslides in the area.

“Oneonta Gorge got destroyed by a wildfire, I’m pretty sure it’s still closed,” one user wrote in response to another person asking what the location was.

According to a previous Inquisitr report, Underwood’s boyfriend, Jacob Witzling, has an ongoing project, which the two have been documenting on Instagram. As per an article on Designboom, the two have embarked on the cross-country trip in Witzling’s modified 1979 pickup, which features a cabin retrofitted onto the bed of the truck.