Emily Ratajkowski Rocks Lingerie In Front Of A Convenience Store On Instagram

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Emily Ratajkowski is keeping her fans enticed with new Instagram photos of her Inamorata Body line. The newest post shows the model rocking white lingerie in front of a convenience store, in a series of photos taken inside the shop. The bottoms appear to be the Kent thong, which is available in black, white, and maroon red. It’s a high-rise cut and made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, and it’s priced at $18. The v-neck bralette is called the Wythe, and costs $28. The other pieces from the Inamorata Body line include lacy, sheer underwear and other simply cut items like a tank top and dress.

In other news, Emrata’s personal feed is giving fans a sneak peek into her time so far at New York Fashion Week. The first post related to the fashion event was her dress for the Tomo Koizumi show, with the second being from an event she attended. The newest photo is of Emily and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. The black-and-white snap shows the two with their arms around each other, as Emily put her hand on his chest. Sebastian wore a button-down shirt with two different colors, while Ratajkowski wore a nude-toned turtleneck top and her hair up in a bun.

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90’s babe vibes.

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The model is no stranger to getting tons of attention both in person and online, and with an Instagram fan base of over 27.1 million followers that’s no surprise. But with that being said, the model once opened up to Fashion Magazine about the realities of being under such scrutiny all the time, noting that “I’ve learned that the less I care what people think of me—as trite and obvious as this sounds—the more I’ve succeeded in personal relationships and in my career.”

“People don’t really care about you. They mostly care about themselves and how you make them feel. The more you stop showing them that you’re overly concerned with yourself, they like you more. Especially with women; the minute you say, ‘listen, I really don’t care that men find me or you attractive, I just like you and see you as a person and not as a threat.’ It breaks down those boundaries.”

Ratajkowski is also known for freely expressing her sexuality and standing behind her decisions to do so, which has sometimes caused controversy. Whatever the case, the model continues to be herself. With the recent launch of Inamorata Body, fans can likely expect more updates in the near future about their offerings.