February 11, 2019
WWE Rumors: Major Change Coming To WWE Title Match At 'Elimination Chamber' As One Superstar Is Removed

When Seth Rollins won the Royal Rumble and chose to fight for Brock Lesnar's WWE Universal Championship, it solidified one match for WrestleMania 35. With that match in place from Monday Night Raw, it meant that SmackDown Live would need to determine their top match -- and they will do just that at the Elimination Chamber. Six superstars had been set for the big match for the WWE Championship, but a major change will force one of them to be replaced.

The match will be for Daniel Bryan's WWE Championship, and it will include five other superstars inside of the chamber. He was set to be joined by Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Mustafa Ali, A.J. Styles, and Jeff Hardy -- but one of those superstars is about to be removed from the bout.

Fightful is reporting that Mustafa Ali is going to be pulled from the WWE Title Match at Elimination Chamber, but it isn't because of anything he has done. The up-and-coming superstar has really progressed in the last few months -- and he's certainly deserved his spot on the card -- but bad luck seems to be plaguing his fortunes.

According to Fightful, Ali has been dealing with a number of injuries lately, and they've simply become too much to handle. Backstage WWE sources have told them that this will cause Ali to be pulled from the championship match on Sunday.

The black eye picture that Ali posted recently is one that wouldn't keep him out of action, but it certainly looked quite bad. He suffered the injury during his match with Randy Orton on SmackDown Live last week, and it left him looking quite battered and bruised.

Ali has apparently been working through a tailbone injury that was only made worse at the Royal Rumble a couple of weeks ago. This past weekend, Ali was at a live event -- which caused another injury of his to be aggravated -- and he likely won't be cleared for in-ring action this entire week.

If that is indeed the case, Ali won't be cleared for Sunday's Elimination Chamber, and he'll need to be pulled from the WWE Championship Match.

Mustafa Ali has really been rising up the ladder on

The report states that there will be a storyline run in which Randy Orton is deemed responsible for the injuries to Mustafa Ali. There is no word on who will be named as a replacement for the Elimination Chamber match, though, and WWE doesn't have a lot of time to figure that out.

While Ali has told officials that he's well enough to wrestle, WWE isn't going to push him and make the injuries worse. A big Gauntlet Match is scheduled for SmackDown Live on Tuesday to determine who will enter the title match last at Elimination Chamber. If the rumors are all true, it will likely be at this point during the week that Mustafa Ali's removal from the match is officially announced.