'Maxim' Model Natalie Roser Wears Nothing Under Open Jacket On Instagram

Natalie Roser is starting off her week with a lot of motivation on Instagram, as she gets ready to start a 15-day cleanse. On Monday, the Australian fashion model took to the popular social media platform to share a sizzling photo of herself donning an unbuttoned jacket -- and nothing underneath.

In the photo in question, the Maxim model is featured rocking a short denim jacket with a darker shade of blue on the long sleeves as she poses for the camera, which captures her from the stomach up. The 28-year-old Aussie is naked underneath the open jacket, one which barely covers her chest, leaving little to the imagination.

Roser is looking fiercely at the camera with her mouth slightly parted in a seductive way. As she faces her audience, Roser is grabbing the collar of the jacket with one hand while she rests the other on her hips. This pose helps to accentuate her killer curves, particularly her full hips and busty figure.

The model is wearing her blonde locks parted in the middle as her loose tresses fall onto her shoulder and her chest. She is wearing earth-toned makeup, consisting of pink-brown eyeshadow, dark eyeliner, and bronzer on her cheeks -- all of which help to accentuate the structure of her face.

In the caption, the model explained that she is normally highly motivated on Mondays, adding that she is kicking off an alkaline cleanse. The cleanse consists of abstaining from processed sugars, caffeine, meat, dairy, and alcohol. She asked her fans to wish her luck in the days to come.

The photo, which Roser shared with her 1 million Instagram followers, racked up more than 7,700 likes and more than 120 comments in very short order. Users of the social media platform who are fans of the model took to the comments section to praise her good looks and flawless physique -- as well as to wish her luck with her diet.

"You don't need luck, you got this," one user wrote.

"Good luck with the cleanse @natalie_roser and I hope you are having a fabulous day gorgeous lady!" another fan quipped.

Contrary to what her figure suggests, Roser is a self-identified foodie who loves to eat. Despite keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle, one which includes working out several days a week, Roser believes that cheat days are super important. She said as much in an interview with Grazia.

"I find pizza night super enjoyable. It's a really happy moment in life when the pizza delivery man arrives at the door!" she said.