Amy Murray Accused Of Poisoning Husband With Antifreeze So She Could Marry Inmate At Jail Where She Worked

Former Missouri jail nurse Amy Murray is accused of murdering her husband with antifreeze so she could marry an inmate who was serving a life sentence for murder, the New York Daily News is reporting.

Eugene Claypool is serving life, for the 2000 stabbing death of an elderly man, at the Jefferson City Correctional Center, about 100 miles west of St. Louis. There, he is believed to have developed a relationship with Murray, who worked there as a nurse.

Authorities say that Murray wanted to marry Claypool and was trying to get him out of prison, according to court documents.

"Several phone conversations between Amy Murray and Eugene Claypool talked about having a life now that Joshua Murray was deceased and out of the picture."
On December 11, according to People, authorities say she used an accelerant to set her home in nearby Iberia on fire, then drove to a nearby McDonald's with her two dogs and her 11-year-old child, and then returned a short time later to call 911. Authorities were able to extinguish the fire.

They also found the dead body of her husband, Joshua Murray, whom they say was dead before the fire started, having been poisoned with antifreeze.

Almost immediately, investigators began to suspect Murray's story. For example, they didn't believe her claim that when she arrived home, the smoke was too intense for her to go inside and save her husband.

However, when an autopsy revealed that her husband was dead before the fire started, authorities focused their investigation on Murray.

The first step was to listen in on jail phone conversations, and they determined almost immediately that Murray had developed a relationship with Claypool. Further phone conversations revealed that Murray "didn't want to be around" her husband and wanted a divorce and that she wanted to marry Claypool. In a later conversation, after the fire, Murray allegedly told Claypool that Joshua was dead and that they were free to marry.

Murray and Claypool also allegedly discussed getting an attorney for Claypool to try to get him out of prison early.

Murray was arrested last week and has been charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. She is currently free, having posted a $750,000 bond.

It remains unclear, as of this writing, if Claypool,40, will be charged in connection with this alleged crime. In 2000, Claypool murdered 72-year-old Donald Hardwick, who was homebound and had won the Missouri lottery two years earlier.