February 11, 2019
Kevin Smith Says He Feels 'Wonderful' One Year After A Major Heart Attack

It's been almost a year since Kevin Smith suffered a major heart attack shortly after a comedy show. Since then, he's been living a healthy lifestyle, has lost 58 pounds and feels great, according to Us Weekly.

As a filmmaker, comedian and one half of the comedic duo Jay and Silent Bob, Smith's career in comedy was chugging along until he suffered the severe heart attack last year. According to Smith, the event nearly killed him and, if he hadn't canceled his comedy tour to go to the hospital, he could easily have died that night. Doctors were able to unclog his artery and he made a full recovery.

The near-death experience was something of a wake-up call for Smith, who changed his lifestyle and started living healthier. A year later, it seems the changes he's made have had an impact and he's lost a ton of weight.

"I started at 256, and I'm 198. So what is that, 58 at this point? I honestly never thought I'd get to even 200, so getting under is crazy town," he said about his weight loss since that fateful night.

Talking about his weight loss journey, he revealed that the secret is keeping it simple.

"You have to change your way of thinking about food. I used to eat to entertain, eat to reward.. I work hard all day or as hard as I work, do a lot of things at the end of the night, hit the bed with a bunch of food and watch a movie," he said about his eating habits before the heart attack.

Combine this late night snacking with his self-admitted sedentary lifestyle and he understands why he had a heart attack. He recalled the night that he sent out a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed on Twitter as the night that changed everything for him.

Smith learned his lesson and changed his eating habits, eating less during the day, runs for exercise, sticks to vegetables during meal time and eats "a lot of beans." He's even partnered with Weight Watchers to raise money for the American Heart Association.

Today on Twitter he asked his fans to make "heart hands" and take a picture to share on social media. For every picture shared between now and February 25, Weight Watchers will donate a dollar.

Serving as a role model for healthy living and encouraging others to change their lives by changing their daily habits, Smith hopes to spare others from similar catastrophes to the one he suffered almost a year ago.