February 11, 2019
'General Hospital' Monday Spoilers: Ava Seemingly Saves Griffin From Ryan, But Is It A Temporary Reprieve?

Viewers are anxious to see Monday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers hint that an interruption will come at a life-saving moment in one problematic situation, but this may only put off the inevitable. Ryan had decided to make Griffin his next victim, and was about to inject him with a drug of some kind on the rooftop. Teasers signal that the two will be interrupted, but many fans still suspect that Ryan will take down Griffin at some other point soon.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Friday's show ended with a gasp as Ryan looked ready to add Griffin to his list of victims. The sneak peek for Monday's show essentially ruined the moment of intrigue, however -- as it showed both Griffin and Ryan alive and well in other discussions.

Now, however, some additional General Hospital spoilers add some context. SheKnows Soaps notes that Ava will arrive at just the right moment in some scenario, and this must be referring to Ryan and Griffin. She was seen looking for Ryan, and it sounds as if she'll have a hunch to check the rooftop.

Luckily for Griffin, Ava apparently will be the person who unwittingly saves his life -- at least for now. Previews show that Griffin will end up in a discussion with Sasha during Monday's show, and he'll be showing a rather dark side in this conversation.

Sasha will likely try to innocently ask how Griffin is doing in the wake of having lost Kiki. General Hospital spoilers reveal that, unfortunately, Griffin will snap at Sasha -- and will tell her that he's tired of everybody asking him about this.

Viewers have seen that Griffin has been in a pretty dark place since losing Kiki, which is understandable. People have been trying to lend their support, and to ask him about some troubling signs they sense, but he hasn't been willing to connect with much of anybody so far.

Griffin and Ava did have a momentary thaw in their distaste for one another as they shared a moment of mourning together last week, but that is the very moment that has now put Griffin on Ryan's radar. Ava will surely have no idea that she's seemingly just saved Griffin, nor does she have any idea that "Kevin" is responsible for everybody's current heartbreak.

Will Ryan make another move against Griffin in the days ahead? General Hospital spoilers tease that he might, and that Ryan might ultimately be successful this next time. However, the walls are closing in on him. Whether Griffin lives or dies, Ryan will have to face the consequences of his actions relatively soon.

Monday's show also brings more from Alexis and her new therapist Neil, per the Inquisitr, as well as a lot of Dawn of Day action. General Hospital spoilers hint that Monday's show will set the stage for a lot of drama this week, and fans will not want to miss what is on the way.