February 11, 2019
'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Teases Fence-Jumping Incident May Come In Episode 6, Reality Steve Pipes In

The Bachelor Colton Underwood is teasing that Monday night's episode might finally provide answers to a teaser that has been floating around all season. Viewers know that at some point in his journey, Colton jumps a high fence and leaves everybody stunned. Underwood teased that Episode 6 might finally be the show to provide an explanation for that stunning moment, but gossip guru Reality Steve quickly piped up to dispute that.

On Sunday, The Bachelor Twitter page teased that the drama would continue, with Episode 6 airing on February 11. Colton followed that up by sharing that initial post, teasing his Twitter followers that his visit to Vietnam during this next show might be the one where he finally jumps the fence.

Naturally, it didn't take very long for notorious spoiler king Reality Steve to share Underwood's post -- and to offer his own perspective via Twitter. The gossip guru kept it short and sweet, just saying that Vietnam is not where the fence-jumping happens.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, it has been teased many times that Underwood does have a truly dramatic moment where he walks away from production and jumps over a fence. In fact, Colton has explained that he essentially quit the show in that moment, and he said that he was gone for a while.

Colton's tease that jumping the fence might happen this week may end up leaving some viewers feeling frustrated. According to Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers, this buzzworthy incident doesn't happen for a little while yet. Rather than taking place in Vietnam, Underwood walking away from filming is said to happen in the midst of the fantasy suite overnight dates.

While Underwood is perhaps leading people astray by insinuating that the fence situation comes Monday night, the incident itself is likely to be worth every moment of early hype. The Bachelor spoilers have teased that this key bit of chaos comes for a legitimate, stunning reason -- and really does change everything in terms of what happens next.

Even show creator Mike Fleiss sent out a tease, per Twitter, one suggesting that Monday's show was a historic episode.

Granted, most Bachelor spoiler fans know that Fleiss is prone to exaggeration. While there is a lot of drama said to be coming up with this next episode, it might be a stretch to say it's one of the greatest of all time.

Of course, there is always the possibility that Reality Steve's spoilers are wrong abut this teaser. However, it's already been pretty thoroughly established -- according to the Inquisitr -- that the fence-jumping is connected to the fantasy suites.

Will Colton Underwood spark any backlash by seemingly insinuating otherwise? Based on the Bachelor spoilers related to the February 11 show, it seems likely that fans will have plenty to talk about aside from Colton's misleading tease. There is definitely going to be plenty more hype to sort through in the weeks ahead, and viewers can't wait to see how everything comes together.