February 11, 2019
'The Bachelor' Spoilers: One Contestant Has The Edge To Win

It seems one contestant has the edge to win the entire season of ABC's The Bachelor as the show heads into its sixth episode of Season 23, and she was predicted months ago by one of the leading Bachelor-watching websites. Yet, will she and Underwood achieve the happily-ever-after they are looking for?

Reality Steve reported months ago that the top four potential shoo-ins to win Colton Underwood's heart are Cassie Randolph, Hannah Godwin, Tayshia Adams, and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. These women's hometown dates, as reported by the website, were filmed between October 27 and November 2 of 2018.

But it appears that there is one woman in particular who is rumored to have received what she was looking for throughout the episode and that's Underwood's heart. Reality Steve announced on his blog that this season's bachelor will end his time on the series in a relationship with one of these women. However, despite the leaks that surround his choice, which is rumored to be Cassie Randolph, in reality television nothing is set in stone until a ring is put on a finger and sometimes, not even then!

Let's take a look at the final four contenders and their chances for lasting love with Underwood.

Underwood and Randolph's relationship has evolved over the past several episodes, and the handsome former football star and admitted virgin stated that he felt more than just a physical attraction to Randolph. The two were seen kissing their way through Thailand during the show's February 4 episode. Hollywood Life reported that Underwood revealed during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour he seemed to be really taken with Cassie during their one-on-one date.

"You know, yes, we obviously had a physical connection, but I also think if you watch the dinner portion, too, you see sort of a conversation that was hard for her to talk about," he explained.

"I think that's what's interesting [with] all of these one-on-ones… it sort of forces them to get out of their comfort zone, and it also pushes me to get out of mine, too. And, really, you get to know one another, so it's exciting. The one-on-ones are game-changers," Underwood said to HL.

There are still the sparks Underwood has with Hannah Godwin to consider. She received a first impression rose and will share a one-on-one date during tonight's Episode 6, as reported by Inquisitr. The couple will reportedly share a deep discussion about their lives and what they hope for in the future, and sparks will allegedly fly between the twosome as they grow closer and closer as the date progresses.
Tayshia Adams also has a legion of fans who are pulling for her despite Inquistir's report that she may have had a boyfriend during her run on the ABC series. It was alleged that Adams signed on to the reality dating show, not for love, but opportunity and despite Underwood's growing feelings for her, the fact that her whole heart might not be in the competition may be the reason Adams may not make it past the final four contestants.Miller-Keyes also has an edge after her powerful one-on-one date with Underwood earlier in the season where she revealed she was sexually assaulted.

"It's the most difficult thing in the world," she told him. "It's affected every single person in my life. It's so painful."

Miller-Keyes was also the first contestant Underwood kissed, and they've had a deep connection ever since.

Who would you like to see Colton Underwood choose? Tune into The Bachelor Mondays on ABC to see how the season progresses.