February 11, 2019
'The Young And The Restless' Recap For Monday: Rey Doesn't Believe Nikki's Confession

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, February 12 is highlighted by Nikki's unexpected confession to J.T.'s murder. Plus, Kyle plans a surprise for Lola while Summer helps Fen, and Michael struggles to change his defense of Victor to a defense of Nikki instead.

Christine (Lauralee Bell) thought Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) was just stalling with her confession, but Nikki assured Christine she told the truth. Victor (Eric Braeden) begged Nikki not to confess, and Michael (Christian LeBlanc) told her to stop talking. Ultimately, Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) and Christine discussed the situation, and they arrested Nikki and took her to the station for questioning while they decided Victor must stay at the Ranch on house arrest.

Later, at the Genoa City Police Department, Micahel advised Nikki not to say anything else. Instead, Nikki relayed what happened at Victoria's (Amelia Heinle) last April. She changed up her story from the truth, though. Nikki told Rey that J.T. escaped through a window and Nikki followed him taking the fireplace poker for protection. Then, Nikki said she confronted J.T. at Chancellor Park, and she told Rey that J.T. threatened to kill the whole family, and she hit him in self-defense. Nikki said she buried J.T. in a hole in the park.

Rey wondered why Nikki didn't just come to the police at the time, and Nikki said she was protecting her family and logic didn't enter into the situation. Michael complained he was blindsided by the new details, and he urged Nikki to tell him the truth. They questioned Victoria who said Nikki is lying to protect Victor. Rey vowed to figure out the whole truth because he doesn't believe Nikki killed J.T. alone. At the Ranch, Nick (Joshua Morrow), Victoria, and Victor worried that everything was falling apart.

Elsewhere, Jack (Peter Bergman) advised Kyle (Michael Mealor) to romance Lola (Sasha Calle) for Valentine's Day. Kyle invited Lola to the Abbott cabin for a few days, and Lola declined his invitation because she said she had to work with the opening so close. She accused Kyle of not understanding at all, and he accused Lola of not making time for him. As they stormed out, Summer (Hunter King) picked up the invitation Kyle gave Lola for the holiday. Previously, the Inquisitr reported that things heat up in a big way for Kyle and Summer after Lola dumped him.

Speaking of Summer, she bailed out Fen (Zack Tinker) in a big way. After his debacle at Devon's (Bryton James) party to reveal Fen to the world, Fen is now in hot water with his boss. Summer talked to Devon and Ana (Loren Lott) and explained that Fen was late because he helped her through a crisis. Devon agreed to give Fen one more chance and said that Fen would have to work hard on tour to prove himself.