Kamala Harris Admits She Has Tried Marijuana In The Past, Says It 'Gives A Lot Of People Joy'

Sen. Kamala Harris admits that her push to legalize marijuana is a little more personal for her. The hopeful presidential candidate revealed that she tried marijuana in the past on The Breakfast Club- a nationally syndicated radio show on Power 105.1, the Washington Examiner reports.

Harris currently serves as a senator of California and announced her bid as a presidential candidate for the 2020 election in January. In California, recreational use of marijuana became legalized in 2018. Several other states like Colorado have also made the use legal. However, it is still restricted on the federal level. Harris talked about her use jokingly to hosts Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy.

"I have [used marijuana] and I did inhale," she said on the show. "I think that gives a lot of people joy and we need more joy."

Harris said on the show she plans to legalize marijuana across the nation if she is elected president. The decision to support this particular issue separates her from the growing Democratic presidential field. Harris told the show that not only will legal use of marijuana make people happier, she believes it will also track how the use of the substance affects the brain activity of people who use it.

"I believe we need to legalize marijuana and we need to research the impact of weed on a developing brain," she said.

During the interview, Harris also addressed the public questioning her "blackness" and how it pertains to her candidacy. CNN reported that issues with Harris' decision to marry a white man as well her record with incarcerating minorities stopped many people in the African-American community from supporting her possibly becoming the first female, African-American president. She has also faced many derogatory social media memes, one even stating she is "not African-American" because her parents were immigrants born in India and Jamaica and she spent her high school years in Canada.

Harris explained on the show that she spent the majority of her life in the United States, specifically in Oakland, California, before attending high school in Montreal, Canada. She said the rumors surrounding her nationality and race are comparable to questions regarding former President Barack Obama's nationality during his 2008 presidential run.

"They are trying to do what has been happening over the last two years, which is powerful voices trying to sow hate and division, and so we need to recognize when we're being played," Harris said.