Wendy Williams' Crew Doesn't Want Her To Come Back, Per 'RO': 'It Was A Nightmare Work Environment'

After a long leave of absence to address some of her health issues, Wendy Williams' staffers are hoping that she just never returns.

A new report from Radar Online shares that the crew who works for Williams is actually happy that she and her husband, Kevin Hunter, haven't been on set because it's made their lives and their work environment so much better. A source close to the show shares that initially, staffers were worried that Williams may leave the show and they would be out of a job. But since the show has been going so well with guest hosts, most staffers have realized that the show can still go on and it is actually a lot easier to work without Williams there.

One source shares now that Wendy and Kevin have not been on set, the staff has realized what it is like to have a fun work environment again and they don't feel the need to walk on eggshells. The source even goes as far as saying that it feels like a "vacation" now that Williams and Hunter aren't on set and everyone is finally laughing and smiling together again. Behind the scenes, Williams was reportedly a diva to work with and only certain people could talk to her.

"There was so many unwritten rules with working with Wendy," a source shared. "You couldn't contact her directly. Only certain staff members could talk with her."

And according to the same source, Wendy's husband was just as bad on set, making it a toxic work atmosphere.

"No one was allowed to disagree with him. It was a nightmare work environment. You never knew what mood Wendy or Kevin were going to be in."
As the Inquisitr shared last week, Williams has been recovering from her most recent health crisis and Nick Cannon has been serving as a guest host in the interim. But while she is enjoying some much needed time away, she reportedly wants to get back on set sooner rather than later because she doesn't like the fact that another TV personality is stepping in for her.

The same source also shares that Wendy feels like she is irreplaceable, especially because the show is called The Wendy Williams Show. She thinks that nobody can do what she does as well as her and though she has no exact timetable for when she will return, she is excited to get back to work as soon as possible.

It will certainly be interesting to see what happens when Wendy does return to the set.