February 11, 2019
'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Love Is In The Air And A Wedding Is On The Horizon

Chaos is causing a lot of anxiety throughout Port Charles these days. However, General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 11 tease that romance will be prominently featured over the next few shows with Valentine's Day on the horizon. Teasers have already revealed that a couple of big developments should emerge soon and the latest sneak peek may provide some clues on that front.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, both a wedding and a pregnancy are apparently going to be revealed on Valentine's Day. One couple supposedly spontaneously decides to tie the knot while another shares news of a surprise bun in the oven. So far, neither of the couples involved have been fully pinned down via General Hospital spoilers yet. However, there are some theories floating around.

A new sneak peek shared via Twitter highlights several of the current couples from General Hospital. Spoilers tease that love is in the air, and it looks like there will be a lot of great Franco and Elizabeth scenes over the next few shows. The last that viewers saw, things were difficult as Jordan had hauled him into the PCPD as a suspect.

Of course, Liz knows Franco didn't harm anybody, and she's standing by her man. General Hospital spoilers have teased that Elizabeth will make a grand gesture of some sort this week, and fans suspect that she'll decide it's time to stop pushing out their wedding date. Soap Central says that a wedding will take place, and it seems quite likely that it'll be Franco and Liz who finally tie the knot, even if it's with him behind bars.

Things are going well between Nina and Valentin these days, too, other than the fact that he's lied to her about Sasha, and Obrecht knows he's lied. He's asked Nina to marry him again, so it is possible that these two could spontaneously tie the knot this week, too.

Jason and Sam are together again, although they're trying to keep it quiet. Unfortunately, Sam will be spending time with Shiloh on Valentine's Day, but General Hospital spoilers tease that there will be saucy "JaSam" moments this week, too.

Romance is flourishing between Julian and Kim again, and things are going well for Finn and Anna, too. Carly and Sonny have had their challenges, and fans suspect that he may end up hooking up with Margaux at some point down the road. However, at least for now, it seems they may share some romantic moments during the next several episodes as well.

Josslyn and Oscar are making the most of the time they still have together, and a sweet romance has blossomed for Willow and Chase. Peter and Maxie are taking things very slowly, but General Hospital spoilers hint that their relationship may take a big step forward soon.

What about that surprise pregnancy that's going to be revealed this week? Fans are hoping for some hints early this week because there really has been no build-up to this shocker so far.

Jordan and Curtis are newlyweds and a baby could shake things up a bit, especially as her commitment to the investigation of the recent deaths gets more intense. Many fans have speculated that the pregnancy announcement may make the most sense for this couple, but there are some wild possibilities speculated as well.

Some fans have also wondered if Ned and Olivia might get a storyline involving a pregnancy, as they are going to be featured on the Valentine's Day show. It would seem a bit of a stretch to have her be pregnant, and the characters have barely been seen for months. However, it has been speculated as a possibility.

It may be that Nina miraculously ends up pregnant with Valentin's child, which would definitely turn things upside down. Fans have also speculated about the long-shot possibilities that it could be Ava, Kim, or perhaps Liz, but none of those necessarily make a lot of sense at this point.

Ava being pregnant with Ryan's baby would definitely be a wild twist, but like with Olivia, it seems a stretch to make that believable with her age. Both Ava and Olivia do have young kids right now, with Avery and Leo, so viewers probably shouldn't count out either of these possibilities.

General Hospital spoilers tease that while there will be drama and chaos this week, there will also be sweet moments and fun surprises. Additional teasers will emerge as the week of Valentine's Day plays out, and fans can't wait to see what comes next.