Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’: Demi Burnett Has A Plan For Colton Underwood, But He Turns The Tables On Her

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Contestant Demi Burnett has been an assertive woman so far on Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season and spoilers suggest that she won’t be changing her game plan heading into Monday night’s show. In fact, she may even try to turn up the heat, but it sounds as if Colton may throw a shocker her way that turns everything upside down.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, a new Bachelor spoiler sneak peek suggests that Burnett comes up with an approach that she thinks could have her taking Underwood’s virginity during these Episode 6 dates in Vietnam. Demi puts together a plan that she thinks will propel her to frontrunner status, but she might be getting a bit ahead of herself by the sounds of things.

According to ABC, one bachelorette will engineer a “late-night tryst” where she “dramatically declares her growing feelings to Colton.” Gossip king Reality Steve has shared Bachelor spoilers that point toward this tease involving Demi.

The Bachelor spoilers detail that Demi’s big visit to Colton will come after all of his dates have wrapped up but before the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Burnett will apparently be feeling impatient, surely wanting more attention and to ensure she is keeping Underwood’s focus on her rather than her castmates.

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Demi will tell Colton that she is really falling for him, seemingly going all-out to convince him she’s “the one” for him. However, Bachelor spoilers tease that Burnett has made a serious miscalculation here and Underwood won’t respond the way she expects.

The E! News sneak peek into this interaction details that Demi will be intent on showing Colton how passionate she is. When she sneaks away and knocks on the door of his room, he seems happy to see her and invites her in to hang out.

Reality Steve’s spoilers, however, reveal a key tidbit that will have viewers buzzing. It sounds as if Underwood will be a bit overwhelmed by Burnett’s big revelations and he’ll actually eliminate her after coming to believe that her feelings for him are much stronger than his are for her.

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve explain that Colton will tell Demi that he didn’t want to put her through a rose ceremony just to eliminate her when he knew at this point that she wouldn’t be the one for him. There is little doubt that this will prompt a big reaction from Burnett as she departs, and it’ll surely send the other ladies reeling as well.

Demi Burnett may not receive Colton Underwood’s final rose this season on The Bachelor, but she surely has a spot waiting for her this summer on Bachelor in Paradise if she wants it. Spoilers hint that this could be a rather awkward encounter and fans will not want to miss this stunning segment of Monday night’s show.