Pink Awarded Best Pop Vocal Album By Her Kids

This year the 2019 Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album was awarded to Arianna Grande instead of Pink. But the pop singer found herself a different kind of winner last night when her kids presented her with a homemade Grammy for her album.

Last night was the 20th time Pink had been nominated for a Grammy. With three Best Pop Vocal Album awards under her belt and her newest album, Beautiful Trauma, tracking well with fans, many were certain she would win.

Yet the award went to Arianna Grande for her album God Is A Woman and Pink found herself without a Grammy this year.

Taking to Twitter, she assured everyone it was okay that she didn't win and also revealed why she hadn't attended the Grammys that night.

"I think it's kind of rad that I just lost my 20th Grammy nomination. I'm always honored to be included. Now to get this sick baby in the bathtub. Congrats to all the nominees! Have fun tonight," she tweeted.

But later that day it was revealed that Pink wouldn't be left without an award this year. In a touching Instagram post, Pink shared a picture of her daughter Willow presenting a homemade Grammy made of tin foil, with the marker-written inscription "Best Pop Vocal Album 2019 Grammy Awards P!nk Beautiful Trauma."

Pink was clearly touched by the kind gesture from her kids.

It's been eight years since Pink has won an actual Grammy, the last one awarded for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals for the song "Imagine." Yet, according to Us Magazine, Pink doesn't seem to mind. It also turns out this homemade Grammy isn't the first she's won. According to the pop singer, she's won at least 17 homemade Grammys over the years, all made by her loving daughter Willow.

Pink said that her daughter makes her one every time she fails to win a real Grammy and wasn't entirely surprised when she made her one this year after it was announced that Grande won the award.

Despite being nominated for the Grammy Award, Pink was at home watching over her sick son Jameson. She received the information that she didn't win the Grammy from home, surrounded by a loving family.

The fact that Pink chose to ditch the Grammy Awards and attend to her sick child at home and that she has a loving daughter who thoughtfully makes her an award every time she fails to win a Grammy is evidence that she's winning multiple awards for motherhood.