February 11, 2019
Lauren Duggar Suffered A Miscarriage, Confirmed by TLC

The new season of TLC's Counting On airs on Monday night, with fans expecting some major surprises. Lauren Duggar married into the reality TV family last June and so far there has yet to be any inkling of a pregnancy. Every time a photo is posted on social media, fans are quick to see if they could spot a baby bump. Now there has been some tragic news that confirms that the reality star has suffered a miscarriage, according to TLC.

People reported on a clip from the show that saw the couple opening up about the heartbreak that they were suffering. The 22-year-old Josiah revealed, "Lauren and I were actually preparing for a trip to go to a friend's wedding. She started feeling really sick and started noticing some different things. Mrs. Swanson was there, so she was able to help her out. I didn't know exactly what was going on."

The 19-year-old Lauren broke down as she recounted the ordeal, saying, "I wasn't feeling well. I was cramping really, really bad, which was quite strange because I normally don't. I was thinking maybe I had something that had gluten in it. It was late at night and I went to use the restroom and there was the baby. Gone. I couldn't believe it and I was hoping it wasn't true."

According to Monsters and Critics, the rumors of the miscarriage began circulating when a Facebook page called Duggar Family News: Life is Not All Pickles and Hairspray shared a post that stated that a preview clip from Counting On had the Duggar daughter-in-law talking about her pregnancy. The producers supposedly asked Lauren what happened. It wasn't clear whether she actually mentioned having a miscarriage in the clip, but that's what it appeared to be.

The post indicated that this was a preview after this person watched the first episode called, "Love is in the Air." Duggar fans have been wondering why they have not had a baby yet after being married for eight months now. Many have assumed that the couple could be taking a cue from Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo and waiting to have their first child. The truth was revealed to be all the more tragic.

It's also being said that this is the reason why Ben and Jessa Seewald waited to announce their third pregnancy. There is so much going on in the Duggar family right now that it's getting hard to keep track of. The new season of Counting On will feature Lauren and Josiah's honeymoon in Austria, as well as John and Abbie's proposal and wedding and Jinger and Jeremy's new baby girl, Felicity. Oh, and don't forget about Jana Duggar's big announcement.

Counting On premieres on February 11 on TLC.