Journalist Slams 'Fox News' Viewers As 'Half-Wits,' Says Trump Supporters Lack 'Intellectual Curiosity'

In a conversation with MSNBC host Joy Reid broadcast on Sunday, journalist Tiffany Cross described Fox News viewers as "half-wits," and insulted supporters of President Trump, Raw Story reports.

What prompted Cross' comments were host Joy Reid's questions about Fox News and its viewership. Reid was interested in how Fox News keeps up "the fiction of violence," without providing evidence for their claims, and while successfully demonizing immigrants.

Cross, who used to appear on the conservative network frequently, said that the problem with Fox News are its hosts, and its audience.

"Yeah, I've been on Fox News before and the problem is [Trump is] going on with a half-witted host who has an audience full of half-witted people who have no interest in truth or facts."
Known for being an immigration hardliner, President Donald Trump has been criticized for his views on immigrants, but his positions have apparently not changed much. Trump remains dedicated to fulfilling one of his key campaign promises of building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, but Congress is in the way.

Ending the longest and most expensive government shutdown in U.S. history, Trump temporarily reopened the government to allow for border security negotiations. It has been nearly a month since the reopening of the government, but no deal between the two parties has been reached.

There likely will be no deal, according to government officials. As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, the talks between the two parties are not going well, and another partial government shutdown is starting to look likely. Clearly observant of the failing negotiations, President Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to signal willingness to declare national emergency.

Declaring a national emergency would allow Trump to start proceedings for building a wall on the southern border. Some legal experts claim, however, that such a maneuver would invite a losing legal battle, and even some of the president's Republican colleagues have pushed back against the decision arguing that it would set a dangerous precedent.

But the immigration "crisis" is not the real national emergency, according to journalist Tiffany Cross, Trump supporters are.

"The real national emergency here is a sea full if ignorant red MAGA hats who have no type of intellectual curiosity about these things," she said.

According to Cross, Trump supporters believe everything the president tells them, even if it goes against their interests, and that is why Trump is able to get away with making false claims about immigration, violence, and the necessity for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

"It's just a bunch of people that have no interest in truth. They are fact-averse," the journalist said, "and this is how he's able to get away with this time and time again."