February 11, 2019
Hospitalized Liam Hemsworth Misses The Grammys While Wife Miley Cyrus Performs

Noticeably absent from tonight's Grammy Awards was singer Miley Cyrus' new husband, actor Liam Hemsworth, who was reportedly hospitalized last night and missed the ceremony where his wife performed with singer and friend Shawn Mendes and her Godmother Dolly Parton.

People Magazine reports that during the music industry's biggest night, fans expected to see the newlywed couple together on the red carpet, but Cyrus arrived with her mother and father, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, but no Liam.

Friend and co-star Rebel Wilson, who worked with Hemsworth on the new movie Isn't It Romantic, explained why Liam did not escort his wife to the music awards ceremony.

"[Liam] was in hospital overnight, so hopefully he will be fine. He texted us this morning."
A representative from Warner Bros. who released the film said they spoke with the actor this morning and he said he wasn't feeling well, so he was going to miss their press day. There has been no more information about what was wrong with Hemsworth and whether he has been released from the hospital at the time of this article.

Cyrus arrived at the event wearing an oversized black tuxedo jacket and black flared pants with open-toed stiletto sandals.

Whatever is going on with Hemsworth's health, Miley seemed at ease, enjoying herself with her family and the other members of the music industry. Both Miley and Liam Hemsworth are due at the Hollywood premiere of his new movie, Isn't It Romantic, tomorrow evening in Los Angeles.

Elle reports that the singer has changed her name from Miley Cyrus to Miley Hemsworth after their wedding at the end of last year. Before their wedding, the singer says she asked her husband to do one thing for their big day.

"Literally, vegan chicken and dumplings. That was my only rider. I would do anything for dumplings. You could add nothing else. I didn't even need a dress. I was trying to wear leggings and a hoodie. I just wanted dumplings, that's all."
The two did keep it casual with Miley in a Vivienne Westwood gown and Liam in a black tuxedo paired with white Vans. They held the event at their Malibu home and served a two-tiered cake, banana pudding, champagne, and as an entree, vegan chicken and dumplings.

A call to Miley and Liam Hemsworth's reps was not returned, and there has been no additional news on his condition.