February 10, 2019
Twitter Thinks Cardi B's Bizarre Grammy Awards Dress Looks Like A Vagina -- See All The Best Reactions

If Cardi B was aiming to make a big impression with her bizarre dress at the Grammy Awards, it appears she hit the mark.

The 26-year-old rapper turned heads in a pearl and oyster-themed gown from Theirry Mugler, one that was so large it took a team of five people just to help her walk across the red carpet. As the Daily Mail noted, Cardi was accompanied by estranged fiance Offset and four others who helped navigate the enormous gown through the red carpet outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The fact that the on-again off-again couple reunited for the Grammy Awards certainly got a lot of attention, as fans and celebrity news outlets can't tell if they're splitting up for good or reconciling. The report from Cosmopolitan took the appearance to mean that the couple has worked through their difficulties and are "official" again.

"Important news for those of you who spend copious amounts of time thinking about Cardi B and Offset's relationship (aka me): looks like they're officially back together," the report noted.

"At least that's the vibe I'm getting from the fact that they just walked the Grammy Awards red carpet."
Cardi B's enormous dress was competing for attention with her apparent reunion with Offset. Many people took to social media to offer their thoughts on her fashion choices for the evening, and the reviews were quite mixed. Some thought the dress looked strangely like a vagina, and others gave the rapper high marks for trying something different and nailing it.

As People magazine noted, the dress itself actually had a long history. Cardi B pulled all the way back to Mugler's Fall 1995 Couture collection for the dress, apparently putting in some serious research to get her look.

The People report noted that it was worth the work, as the dress seemed a perfect fit both for Cardi's curvy physique and her unique sense of style.

"The unique gown appears to feature a sequin nude bodysuit and long black skirt blooming out of a dramatic clam shell," the report noted.

"The design featured a beautiful pearl belt draped around Cardi's hips, full-length pastel pink gloves, a large pearl bib choker necklace and a twisted pearl beehive atop of her head."
Others weren't so sure about whether the look was a hit or a miss. Here are some of the best reactions from across Twitter for Cardi B's dress:
More pictures of Cardi B's Grammy Award dress can be seen here.