Michael Bloomberg Blasts Trump: 'Most Xenophobic President Of Our Lifetime'

Currently crisscrossing the nation and eyeing a 2020 bid for the White House is billionaire media magnate and businessman, former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.

During a Miami speech "that sounded like a warmup for a 2020 presidential bid," according to Politico, Bloomberg blasted Trump, calling him the "most xenophobic president of our lifetime."

In a fiery speech, Bloomberg accused Trump of "attacking" the American dream.

"The American story and the American dream are under attack by our own American president," he said.

"Hard as it is to believe, the most xenophobic president of our lifetime is from the immigrant capital of the United States: New York City."
The billionaire philanthropist focused on Trump's immigration policies, accusing the president of scapegoating immigrants. According to Bloomberg, Trump is targeting Central and South Americans today, but he might soon target everyone else.

"From the day he announced his campaign, Donald Trump has never stopped trying to scapegoat immigrants," Bloomberg said of Trump.

"It is Mexicans and Central Americans today, but it could just as easily be Cubans or Lithuanians tomorrow.... My family. Your family."
As Politico notes, Bloomberg delivered his speech in Miami-Dade County, which has one of the largest immigrant populations in the United States, so it comes as no surprise that the former Mayor of New York is focusing on Donald Trump's immigration policies and inflammatory rhetoric.

This is not the first time for Bloomberg to publicly criticize President Trump. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in a late December op-ed -- in the wake of former Secretary of Defense James Mattis' resignation -- the billionaire accused Trump of approaching his job emotionally and recklessly, criticizing his decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

According to CNBC, Bloomberg is likely to support more than $100 million his presidential campaign, if he decides to run. This would, the publication notes, give him a significant financial advantage over other Democrats. But polls have indicated that the former Mayor of New York is generally disliked.

Reason described Bloomberg as "ignorant" when it comes to modern-day issues. The billionaire recently said in a speech that legalizing marijuana is the "stupidest things" anybody has ever done, making a connection between marijuana, drug overdoses, and the opioid epidemic.

For a number of years, according to Reason, Bloomberg has been publicly advocating against marijuana and supporting controversial policies such as stop and frisk.

Bloomberg is not the only billionaire eyeing a 2020 bid for the White House. Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is looking to run as an independent, but polls have shown that Schultz is as disliked as Bloomberg. According to CNN, only four percent of Americans would be willing to vote for Howard Schultz.