YouTuber Jake Paul Sued After His Security Wrongfully Arrested His Neighbor

Jake Paul made a name for himself on the now obsolete video application Vine. He later played Dirk on the Disney channel comedy series Bizaardvark. After the end of Vine, the 22-year-old shifted his focus to YouTube as his primary platform where he now holds more than 17 million subscribers. His content is primarily vlogs which follow Paul and his friends along in their luxurious lives. Throughout the years, the YouTuber has faced a number of controversies for his videos and many wondered if he'd be taken off the platform permanently. He is now facing a new controversy after his security team allegedly made a citizens arrest and held his neighbor captive, according to Pop Culture.

In February of 2018, Paul's neighbor claims he went over to Paul's house to discuss an issue of cars leaving his driveway at full speed with little regard to other drivers. He had hoped to raise the issue to Paul and explain why such behavior posed a safety concern. However, he barely made it through the gate before being approached by the YouTuber's security team. Although the neighbor tried to explain his reasoning behind wanting to talk to Paul, a security guard swiftly pulled his arm behind his back and assaulted him. It was there he was restrained until police arrived.

Paul's security team told police that the neighbor had been trespassing but police quickly saw that he had intended to do no harm and had him released immediately. The neighbor is now suing Paul and believes he was falsely detained because of his ethnic background. He seeks damages for wrongful imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Police did not clarify whether or not the YouTuber was actually home at the time the incident happened, yet he was reportedly unaware of the arrest until afterward.

Just last year Paul faced massive controversy after posting a video of him and his friends visiting Japan's Suicide Forest, also known as Aokigahara. While exploring, the group, unfortunately, stumbled across a man who took his own life in the forest. Instead of respecting the deceased individual, Paul publicly showed the footage, angering many across the world. He was forced to take down the video and issue an apology.
"This is a first for me. I've never faced criticism like this before, because I've never made a mistake like this before. I'm surrounded by good people and believe I make good decisions but I'm still a human being. I can be wrong."
The video caused Paul to lose a multitude of followers and the respect of many.