'Pose' Star Indya Moore Loses Cool With Security Guard At Launch Party

The highly-anticipated launch party for Pat McGrath and Bergdorf's this past Thursday was much more exciting than most guests anticipated.

According to Page Six, Pose breakout actress Indya Moore was spotted first hand by reporters in a verbal altercation with one if the store's security guards.

The news outlet reported that the well-known trans actress emerged from the Fashion Week bash around 10:20 p.m. through a side entrance at the high-end department store, where there was a line of eagerly awaiting party-goers waiting for their opportunity to join the fun.

Media reps, party goers, and passersby got to witness the chaos as the new actress loudly confronted one of the store's hired security guards over something that must have happened inside the party.

While a crowd watched on with interest, Indya approached the guard, who had recently just come outside himself, and – according to the Page Six – Moore audibly accused the man of physically pushing her.

During the verbal altercation Moore called the guard "disrespectful" and "self-righteous," sources revealed to the publication.

The actress continued to relentlessly berate the guard prompting him to threaten to call the authorities. Moore, still not backing down, encouraged the guard to place his call.

According to Page Six, a source revealed to them that Moore screamed in the guard's face for more than five minutes and that phrases like "Don't touch me!" and "Don't talk to me like that!" could easily be heard during the tussle.

Eventually, the guard decided to leave his post and walk away from Indya and the onlooking crowd with the actress yelling at him even as he left.

Guest of a Guest reports that the actress yelled that she would "tell Pat about this" and promised the guard he would be unemployed by the end of the night.

Unfortunately, no one as of yet has revealed any intel as to what actually happened inside the building between Indya and the guard, however, the incident did upset Moore enough that she later posted about the incident on Instagram.

"Most people are socialized to obey figures of authority under any circumstance. I don't and I never will. If anyone ever in a position of power tries to abuse their authority over my body. . . I will hold them accountable. . . I will always stand up for myself. I'm a black trans woman. I've been through enough and I've gone through a lot to stay alive," the actress exclaimed in an angry vent on Instagram.