February 10, 2019
Jasmine Sanders Can't Find Her Pants & Puts On Leggy Display On Instagram

Jasmine Sanders joked with her fans that "F is for Frozen because I can't find my f***ing pants" in her latest Instagram post. The model was photographed in a zipped up and oversized white jacket, which she wore like a dress. She accessorized with white heels and a multi-colored handbag that she held with her right hand. Her hair was slicked back in a bun, and the post was geo-tagged in New York. It's very likely she's busy attending events at New York Fashion Week.

Ever since Sanders arrived in New York, which probably happened a few days ago, she's been sharing tons of great photos of her outfits. This included an entire outfit from Fendi, which consisted of a short-sleeved dress top with oversized sleeves, blue biker shorts, and black heels. She also sported a black waisted belt with pouches. Plus, Jasmine shared another outfit which seemed much more weather-appropriate yesterday. This time, she was repping Saks in a black high-necked shirt, olive green and shiny pants with a large, dark green jacket with a fuzzy liner. In all the photos, the model infused some of her humor by striking a silly pose or two.

That's not to say that Jasmine doesn't get seriously flirty either, as another post from yesterday showed her in an entirely satin suit. The ensemble had a sheen to it and appeared to be dark navy. She joked in the captions, "He wants me to come home but I like to take my time."

The model has more than 3.3 million followers on Instagram, and many of them absolutely adore her. But that's not to say that everything is great on the platform all the time, as Sanders previously opened up to OceanDrive about some of its challenges.
"The people who are on my page defend me and protect my privacy so much that I feel like I should protect them. If there's anything negative written, I delete it because I don't want them to go into a battle with someone who begins to do any type of cyberbullying. The internet is so hurtful sometimes and it can be one click that changes somebody's life."
It also appears that her passion to model was evident even as a 1-year-old, as she recounted, "There are photos of me when I was really young just sitting around with a bunch of magazines, flipping them upside down and looking all crazy at the photos."