‘Apex Legends’ Could Receive Solos And Duos Mode, As Hinted At By Datamined Info

Despite only launching less than a week ago, Apex Legends has already become an instant hit with gamers, and the newly-launched battle royale shows no signs of slowing down.

Despite having only been in the hands of gamers for a few days, it seems one rather clever dataminer has taken it upon themselves to unearth some interesting tidbits of code, which may hint at what’s to come in future updates.

As reported by VG247, one savvy dataminer has dug into Apex Legends’ code base and has unearthed lines of code that hint that Solos and Duos might be on their way. For those who need a refresher, Apex Legends only has one mode at the time of writing — 20 teams of three players can battle it out on the game’s sole map.

While Apex Legends’ lone mode has attracted a large number of players, some have pointed out the inability to play the game solo, or with a single partner. That could all be changing soon though, based on information that Twitter user ShiinaBR has unearthed. While ShiinaBR is best known for uncovering and leaking information related to Fortnite— a rival battle royale game developed by Epic Games— they’ve focused their attention to Apex Legends as of late, discovering code that hints at a possible solo and two-man squad mode.

As VG247 notes, ShiinaBR has made a handful of accurate predictions in the past, though those forecasts were centered around Fortnite. Since developer Respawn Entertainment has yet to officially confirm any new modes, it’s probably best that this latest leak is taken with a grain of salt.

The decision to launch with three-man squads was by no means random. While previewing the game, VG247 had the opportunity to sit down with Apex Legends’ design director Mackey McCandlish shed some light on the team’s design decision.

“It’s harder in Titanfall to play with your teammates and to coordinate with them,” McCandlish explained.

“It’s a game that’s played more like: ‘play alone, together’, hit from different angles. We were looking for social opportunities. That’s manifested in this game’s three-man squads, pinging a smart comms system that helps squads coordinate, and respawn chambers keep squads playing. In the same way that we didn’t consider any of the conventions of battle royale to be sacred, we didn’t consider any one part of the Titanfall universe to be sacred. We are using the parts that work to achieve our goals.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Apex Legends reached a total player count over 10 million, just three days after launch.