'NCIS' Preview: 'She' - Is Ziva David Really Coming Back From The Dead?

Over the years, the team on CBS's hit series NCIS has changed with new members arriving, veterans leaving, and horrible occurrences forcing a different look. One of the hardest changes for fans to take was when Cote de Pablo left the show and the character of Ziva David was no longer going to be around. That was more than five years ago, and as far as storylines go, Ziva should be gone for good, but did a TV spot set up for her return?

Let it be known that there are possible spoilers for NCIS from this point forward. If you haven't yet seen some episodes from Season 11, you're far behind, but there will be information regarding that season from this point on.

When it came time for Cote de Pablo to leave NCIS, she had made the media rounds and talked about how her character could possibly come back because Ziva wasn't dead. Those interviews made for a lot of confusion when the Season 13 finale revealed that she had died in an explosion in Israel.

Since that time, the team has moved on with characters such as Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) having departed as well. Now, a preview for the upcoming episode, titled "She," shows that Ziva is either not dead or will help the team solve a case from beyond the grave.

As revealed by USA Today, the TV spot for the episode on Tuesday, February 12, 2019, ran during the Super Bowl, and it started fans talking. Many of them began freaking out and wondering if Ziva was coming back, or if info would simply be revealed about her death or possible fake death.

In this week's episode of NCIS, the team opens up an old missing persons case due to finding a malnourished and confused 9-year-old girl in a storage unit. It is believed that this child may actually be the daughter of a Navy recruit who has been missing for a long time, but there is much more.

When reopening this case, Bishop finds some old notes that were written by Ziva David, and they begin to raise so many more questions. Most of the questions come from the NCIS fanbase, as they are freaking out with the idea that Ziva may not only be alive, but also return to the show.

There have been numerous theories as to where Ziva may be and the most popular is that she is alive and well and living in Paris with Tony. While that is a fun rumor to think about, according to storyline purposes, Cote de Pablo's character of Ziva David is indeed dead on NCIS. Still, this is television and anything is possible to happen, but fans will have to tune in on Tuesday night to find out the truth.