February 10, 2019
Kevin & V Say Goodbye To More Children On Tonight's 'Shameless' Episode [Spoilers]

As Shameless fans know too well, Kevin and V (played by Steve Howey and Shanola Hampton) seem to struggle with holding onto children despite Ball's vested interest in having additional children.

After Veronica insisted that having additional children was out of the question, she decided to give Kevin the chance to have more children through foster care once more.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from tonight's episode.

Early on in the series, Kevin and Veronica took in a foster child by the name of Ethel after she had been removed from a 65-year-old man named Clyde who she was married to with for other sister-wives.

It was later revealed that Ethel had also had a son with her predatory husband named Jonah. Kevin and Veronica were the proud parents of Ethel for a period of time until she ended up running away.

There was also a period where Svetlana and her son – who was fathered by Mickey Milkovich – lived with Kevin and Veronica as part of a thrupple relationship.

Kevin is also technically the father of Veronica's brother – and her mother's son – back when the duo was trying to have a baby by using V's mother because she didn't believe she could get pregnant. When V ended up getting pregnant with twins, it was decided that her mother would raise the child while she and Kevin raised the girls.

Steve Howey as Kevin Ball and Shanola Hampton as Veronica Fisher in Shameless
Showtime | Paul Sarkis

Earlier in Season 9, Kevin successfully pressured Veronica into additional children and the two ended up fostering a child that had been picked up by ICE after their family entered the country illegally. Kevin and Veronica learned the boy had family in the United States and went on a mission to find his uncle so they could be together.

In tonight's episode, Santiago's sister comes to stay with V and Kevin before later breaking the news that she and her brother would be leaving them to go with their uncle back to Guatemala. According to the boy's sister – who unlike him did speak English – they were returning with their uncle because their father had been deported and the only way they could be with him again is to go back.

Christian Isaiah as Liam and Steve Howey as Kevin Ball
Showtime | Paul Sarkis

While Kevin and Veronica were sad to see more children exit their lives, they drove Santiago and his sister to meet up with their uncle so they could cross the border once more and be with their father again.

While this episode of Shameless is already available through the streaming service, it will air tonight only on Showtime.