'Elementary' Star Jonny Lee Miller Wins Muay Thai Fight

Elementary might be coming to an end, but actor Jonny Lee Miller looks to have more options than just playing Sherlock Holmes. Miller is a bit of a gym rat and decided to go big or go home, participating in the "Friday Night Fights" at the Broad Street Ballroom, fighting against Robert Bermudez.

Miller, perhaps best known for the movie Trainspotting, was somewhat leery as he posted on social media in advance of his fight, says Page Six.

"Might get my arse kicked," said Miller, but it seems that the actor was being a bit modest because he came into the ring hot, weighing 145 pounds and looking lean.

After the fight, Miller posted a message on Instagram to his opponent Bermudez expressing "respect and best wishes to my opponent."

Jonny Lee Miller says that while shooting Elementary in New York Cith, he works out at Evolution Muay Thai in the city. Miller made his fighting debut back in May after completing a five-week training course.

Fighting Mag says that, at 46-years-old, he fulfilled a "childhood dream" by taking part in exhibition fights. In the fight against Bermudez, Miller won in the third round, giving a bit better than he got with a mean left hook and a right cross.

Miller went on to thank everyone from the venue to his coach and Muay Thai instructors, whom he calls "selfless."
"Thanks Friday Night Fights for the opportunity. Thank you for all the amazing support. Thank you to the incredible team and community at Evolution Muay Thai New York City you know who you are. Extra thanks to the fight team for all the selfless hours and sharing of knowledge and especially Will Watson for being in my corner (not just on fight night). Brandon Levi is not only a superb muay thai instructor and coach, but an inspirational man and mentor to many people. It is truly an honour to represent him and his club. Love you mate."
Elementary Season 7 doesn't have a premiere date yet, but it's thought to be the series finale for the popular CBS show. Entertainment Weekly says that the long-running drama has successfully told stories featuring the character of Sherlock Holmes, created by writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle over 100 years ago, even while the series Sherlock was running on BBC with British actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Season 7 of Elementary will only be 13 episodes, and it will wrap up the story of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson.