Lottery Winners Celebrate By Blowing Up House

Wichita, KS – Following the discovery of a $75,000 winning lottery ticket, the lottery winners, two brothers, purchased enough marijuana and meth to “raise the roof” and accidentally, well, blew up their house.

One brother attempted to refill a butane torch with several large cans of lighter fluid and inadvertently released gas that was ignited by a local pilot light. Sgt. Bruce Watts of the Wichita Police Department had this to say, “The butane vapor reached the pilot light in the furnace, and as you might expect, ka-boom.”

The explosion sent the younger brother, a 27-year-old, to the hospital with severe second-degree burns on his hands, arms, and chest. According to the Kansas City Star, the hospitalized brother remains in stable but serious condition.

He was brought to the Via Christa Hospital emergency room by his girlfriend, who promptly dropped him off and left.

The older brother was arrested and sent to jail after having run out of the home admitting he was in possession of the illegal substances. No word yet as to whether or not the man was clothed when he exited the domicile. Nor has there been any mention of pink yard flamingos.

As of this moment, officials haven’t released the names of the individuals involved in the incident.

Looks like the lottery winners won’t be celebrating again anytime soon, but at least their winnings will help them pay for the residential repairs, medical expenses, and legal fees accrued in their fiasco. Bummer.