Demi Rose Flaunts Famous Booty In Skintight Shorts & Crop Top On Instagram

Demi Rose shared an Instagram Story of herself posing with a friend, and she tagged the other girl in the photo, Debbie Poon. The photo showed the two of them standing next to a long, thin couch as Demi rocked a crop top and skintight shorts, along with knee-high boots. Her friend wore a leopard-print gold and black crop top, nude-toned skirt and sneakers. Debbie is DJ Martinez’ sister, so it’s no wonder that the two would be close friends.

The social media star has been sharing a slew of bikini photos lately, including her newest selfie where she rocked a blue snakeskin-print top. In addition, she’s been wearing a leather bikini, purple latex bikini top, and a snakeskin one-piece with a revealing cut. Her geo-tags have mostly been in Tulum, Quintana Roo in Mexico. Plus, she’s thrown in a couple of photos from Sri Panwa, which is a luxury resort in Thailand.

It’s no wonder to see Demi soaking up the sun in different parts of the world right now, considering that it’s still very cold in her home country, the U.K. Sri Panwa is a very beautiful spot, with a private pool and a villa. The scenery is breathtaking, with both water and mountain views.

So it’s hard to know for certain where Rose is at, but her boyfriend just shared a new photo yesterday that showed he was in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Demi is keeping her Instagram post on fire, which must come fairly naturally to her since she grew it to where it is now, with over 8.4 million followers. She got her start with Taz and clarified her role there to the Sun in an interview.

“No it was never like that at all. Not an escort agency at all. We were hosting clubs and having fun. Just being popular on social media and showing people a bit of our life. The Taz’s Angels is still happening but I’m just not a part of it any more. We went to parties and hosted clubs, we went to America, we saw the world. It did make me more internationally known.”

And when asked about what makes for a successful Instagram post, Rose responded, “Bikini pictures usually do the best, and body pictures, cute dress and a smile…but usually if my body is in it, it does well.” And it appears that not much has changed since then, with photos typically garnering hundreds of thousands of likes.