Joy Villa Causes Commotion With Barbed Wire 'Build The Wall' Grammys Dress

Joy Villa is sparking controversy once again with the dress she chose to wear to the Grammys, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The singer showed up to the event wearing a gown designed by Designers Allinger of Desi Designs that was intended to evoke the image of a barbed wire fence. Villa had barbed wire on her shoulders, a spiky headpiece, and cloak designed to appear as if it was made of steel. The singer's boxy handbag prominently reads the pro-Trump motto "Make America Great Again."

Villa has made it a tradition for her to wear a gown to the Grammys that promotes her beliefs. Last year, the singer wore a "Pro-Life" gown, complete with an image of a rainbow-colored fetus painted onto the dress by Villa herself. She completed the look with a handbag that read "Choose Life." According to TMZ, her 2018 pro-life dress went over well with the Trump family. Villa shared with reporters that Eric Trump's wife Lara told her she was a big fan of the gown.

The 2017 Grammy's was the first time the singer turned heads, when she showed up to the awards show wearing a red, white, and blue "Make America Great Again" dress with "Trump" written on the train of the gown. The dress was designed by Filipino immigrant Andre Soriano.

"I grew up in theater, so I've always used costume as a way to express myself," Villa has said of her controversial wardrobe choices.
"It's an opportunity to show the world who I am on the red carpet, which to me is the same as a stage...I want to 'wow' people."
The singer also wrote an op-ed in USA Today last year, encouraging others to vote in the midterm elections. She revealed that while she actually voted for Barack Obama in 2008, she now votes Republican.

"Things have changed," she wrote.

"I believe the leftist culture is now made up of socialist university professors, confusion of genders, attacks on families, believing public opinion over facts, the news media's twisting of what was said, hatred of men and white Americans and the slander of anyone they don't 100 percent agree with. I can no longer be a part of this group. I had to walk away."
Villa wasn't the only one to promote Trump with her outfit at the Grammy's this year. Musician Ricky Rebel was seen on the red carpet wearing a red-white-and-blue reversible jacket that reads "Keep America Great!"