February 10, 2019
Luis Guzman Joins 'Shameless' Cast As Worthy Opponent For Frank [Spoilers]

While it is unlikely that he is entering as a regular, Luis Guzman has entered the Shameless cast as hobo Mikey for at least a few episodes with his big debut being in tonight's episode.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from tonight's episode.

As those who are currently updated on Season 9 know, there is a new brand of booze on the market called Hobo Loco and it quickly picked up a reputation for being disgusting. What wasn't surprising was Frank – who has truly astonishing alcoholism skills – wasted no time throwing back tons of this nasty booze claiming it was delicious.

News recently broke that the company behind Hobo Loco was looking for the hobo-ist of hobos to represent the brand as the spokesperson. Frank quickly took an interest in this campaign for the king hobo as he learned they were looking for someone who has no mission in life – which is something he's always excelled at.

As Frank makes way to the hobo competition, he runs into Mikey (played by Luis Guzman) who turns out to be the only other hobo who showed up to the event that may give Frank a run for his money.

The two exchange hobo stories, during which Frank reveals that he once won the lottery only to make the mistake of using the winning lottery ticket as a rolling paper instead of cashing it in.

When Mikey shares equally horrifying hobo stories, the two bond and quickly push the rest of the crowd out of the way.

While it seems like Frank may have made a new friend in this newcomer, the friendship is short-lived when Mikey reveals he is only there to fight dirty and win – not to make friends.

Once they trimmed down the people who showed up to the actual competitors, the competition began, and all contestants were asked to go out and find materials to construct a bed for the evening.

Unfortunately for Frank, his new friend followed him and ended up blowing the horn on the truck he was stealing material from before striking him and taking the material. Frank was able to salvage bubble wrap at the last minute but ended up losing the competition to Mikey.

No stranger to playing dirty, Frank took one out of Mikey's playbook and followed him during round two and stole the food he collected from the dumpster of a fancy French dining establishment before locking Mikey in the dumpster.

Chances are good things will continue to get down and dirty between the duo as next week's episode is titled "Hobo Games."

New episodes of Shameless hit the Showtime streaming service after midnight on Saturday and air on the network on Sunday night.