'Vanderpump Rules' Star Ariana Madix Is Over Interviewers Asking About Babies

Vanderpump Rules is currently airing Season 7, which means the cast members are routinely participating in interviews and appearances. All of the SURvers, both former and current, are asked about drama from the show's episodes, as well as about their daily lives. Something that has been brought up season after season on the show is Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval's difference in opinion regarding getting married and having children.

Tom has been vocal about his desire to be married and have a family one day, and fans have seen Ariana come around -- sort of -- on the marriage idea, but she remains firm in her stance against not wanting to have children. This doesn't stop viewers and interviewers from continually badgering the bartender about the topic, no matter how dated it might be.

What seems to be peeving Ariana isn't just being asked about her choice to have or not have babies, but the fact that the press doesn't inquire about her career aspirations or goals, like men are asked. She's letting them know in a new tweet what will happen if she's treated this way again in an interview.

"When @TomSandoval1 and i do press interviews together, i get asked about babies and he gets asked about TomTom and future career plans. I'm putting this out there now: i will walk out of any situation where this happens from now on. I have goals. I work hard. Ask me about it," she wrote.

The women of the show, and just women, in general, are normally asked about marital issues, children, and drama with other women over their ambitions and goals regarding business and careers, and Ariana is taking a stand. The only business venture fans have been privy to of Ariana's is a cocktail book she discussed in Season 6 for a few episodes, but nothing else has been portrayed to the viewers.

Unfortunately for Ariana, this gives fans the impression that she's not working toward any goal, when it's simply not the case. Editing can and does fool viewers of reality programs, and the press is just an aid to it all.

On the other side of things, the only personal issues Tom ever seems to be approached about in the press is Ariana's beliefs, which are likely tiring on the bar owner as well.

Ariana's tweet gained a lot of attention from her followers, earning over 12,000 likes and 600 re-tweets. It wasn't long before a fan asked Ariana what her career goals were.

"They don't fit in 240 characters. Some formal announcements coming soon in a much better way than a tweet," she responded.

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