Chris Brown Accidentally Shares Address On Social Media During Beef With Offset, Sends Female Fans Into Frenzy

Chris Brown and Migos rapper Offset became embroiled in a heated online battle that had fans' eyes glued to social media. However, the ongoing feud wasn't the only thing that caught the fans' attention. Chris Brown shared an Instagram post that ultimately sent his female fans into a frenzy. According to Celebrity Insider, at one point during the feud, Chris Brown accidentally shared his home address.

It has been reported that it all started when Chris Brown took to Instagram to publicly share a screen capture of a DM conversation he had with Offset. At one point during the heated argument, Offset asked Chris where he was.

To that question, Chris reportedly said he was heading home and told Offset to use Google Maps to find the address. Seemingly irritated, Offset simply replied, "Addy," meaning he wanted the address to Chris' physical location. After going back and forth with Offset, the "Question" singer offered a very precise location: his home address in Los Angeles, California. However, Chris didn't stop there. He also admitted he would be home at 4:00 p.m.

In the midst of the heated moment, Chris Brown may not have noticed the epic blunder, but of course, the details of the post didn't go unnoticed by fans. Almost immediately after Chris shared the now-deleted post, female fans quickly began responding. Thousands of fans began commenting and tweeting to Chris Brown telling him they'd be coming to his home.

The latest news follows Chris Brown and Offset's social media war. The drama reportedly stems from Chris Brown's take on Offset trolling rapper 21 Savage, who was arrested by ICE on Super Bowl Sunday. Although the famed rapper was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, fans were shocked to learn he was actually born in the United Kingdom. To make matters worse, it was also confirmed the rapper had overstayed his visa.

Shortly after those reports began circulating, 21 Savage was trolled on social media. Comical memes about the rapper's unfortunate run-in with the law have been created and Offset decided to join in by posting one of the memes. Apparently, Chris Brown wasn't pleased with Offset's post. So, he came to 21 Savage's defense and it didn't take long for things to escalate between Chris Brown and Offset. In fact, things have gotten so bad that Cardi B has even been dragged into their feud. As previously reportedly by the Inquisitr, Chris Brown even threatened to send flowers to Offset's estranged wife, Cardi B.

Over the weekend, the guys stopped bashing each other so the feud may be over. However, there are still tons of women with Chris Brown's address.