February 10, 2019
'Celebrity Big Brother': Natalie Eva Marie Reveals Her Biggest Regret In The Game

Once a player is evicted out of the Big Brother house, they have a lot of time to reflect on the choices they made during the game. That's just what recently evicted player Natalie Eva Marie is doing, after she was voted out on Friday night's episode. Natalie was sent packing over her ride-or-die alliance member Lolo Jones and seemingly made the decision to leave on her own.

After leaving the house, Natalie sat down with TV Guide and looked back on the gameplays she made and rethought some of her moves. The former WWE superstar admitted that she did not regret not using the Power of Veto as planned to allow Tom Green to backdoor Ricky Williams, even though it dissolved her alliance. There was one move, however, that she wishes she could take back and believes if she had done the opposite, she'd still be in the game.

"The only thing I'd say aside from the two competitions... decision-wise, my only regret is the time that we were supposed to save Joey and give Kandi the boot. I really wish we had done that and not switched 30 minutes prior to our live eviction."
When asked why they made the decision to keep Kandi over Joey, Natalie explained it was all because of Tamar Braxton. Tamar did not want to evict Kandi from the house and had a change of heart, which caused her alliance to back her up instead of them all arguing about it. If the "Bedroom Alliance" went against Tamar's wishes, it could have broken up that alliance as well and caused even more drama in the house.
When Natalie returned home, her husband filled her in on what was going on in the house on the live feeds and told her that Kandi was gunning for her from the get-go. Since finding out this news about Kandi, Natalie has had a bad taste in her mouth and continues to wonder why the Real Housewives of Atlanta star didn't like her.

While Tom put Natalie on the block this week, he did receive advice from Kandi to do so after she stated that they needed to get rid of the athletes. Natalie was playing a great game, and Kandi targeting her made absolute sense. Natalie had no enemies, was laying low, but not too low, and was loyal to her alliance members. This is the type of contender who wins Big Brother, so she needed to get the boot before the final two.

The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET. The live two-hour finale airs on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET.