'The Bachelor' Spoilers: Colton Underwood Makes A Decision With The Onyeka And Nicole Battle In Episode 6

Last Monday, Colton Underwood was clearly quite frustrated with the drama developing among his bachelorettes, and viewers were left hanging without a rose ceremony. The Bachelor spoilers detail that the chaos swirling around Onyeka Ehie and Nicole Lopez-Alvar will be resolved as Episode 6 kicks into gear and a new sneak peek just confirmed the outcome.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, gossip guru Reality Steve has teased that Colton would eliminate both Onyeka and Nicole as a result of the intense bickering between the two. People didn't get to see that at the end of Episode 5 as would have been anticipated, but Bachelor spoilers note that the February 11 show will pick up with that tidbit playing out.

A new sneak peek shared by ABC confirms that Colton will eliminate Nicole and Onyeka before leaving Thailand. The video clip shows the women arriving in Vietnam and taking in the resort where they will be staying. As it happens, the only two women not included in that clip who had still been around in Thailand are Ehie and Lopez-Alvar.

Things had gotten pretty intense during that cocktail party in Thailand and the previews for Episode 6 show that the women will be shedding tears and feeling quite anxious. While some of that intensity may be shown as Colton decides what to do with Onyeka and Nicole, the remaining bachelorettes look pretty excited and relaxed as they get settled in Vietnam.

The elimination of Onyeka and Nicole together may prompt some fans to wonder about the awkward two-on-one date that is usually done each season. Underwood's group of ladies had several potential combinations of women who would have been perfect for the typically contentious two-on-one, like Ehie and Lopez-Alvar. For whatever reason, however, Bachelor spoilers have revealed that there will be no date like that this season for Colton.

After the Episode 5 cliffhanger, Onyeka posted a note to her Instagram page essentially defending herself. She pointed out that while people are entitled to their opinions, everybody saw just a glimpse of everything that really happened on television. Ehie said she was going to continue living her best life and it sounds like she was telling the haters that she wouldn't be worrying about them.

The Bachelor spoilers reveal that the drama will end Monday night between Onyeka and Nicole, at least until perhaps Bachelor in Paradise next summer. However, that doesn't mean that Colton isn't still facing more chaos.

Things start off happily in Vietnam but Bachelor spoilers hint that Colton Underwood will have his hands full as the women start to get more and more frantic for his attention with hometowns right around the corner. Episode 6 airing on Monday, February 11 is shaping up to be a wild one and fans won't want to miss any of the drama ahead.